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You could store 25 million 1TB SSD data on the 5cm Diamond Wafer

You could store 25 million 1TB SSD on the 5cm Diamond Wafer

A team of researchers has made a breakthrough in the world of semiconductors. They have developed a new way to fit data on diamonds, which could lead to dramatic improvements in storage.

Diamond Wafer SSD

Imagine if a stack of 25 million 1TB SSDs could be crammed into a single wafer (5cm in diameter). That’s the size of the new ultra-wide 5cm diamond wafer that could hold 25 exabytes or 25,000 petabytes of data, which is equivalent to 25 million 1TB SSDs. How did the researchers find such a thing? Here, you’ll discover this breakthrough technology that is about to change the face of data storage as we know it.


New Ultra-High-Purity Diamond Wafers with a Diameter of 5 CM

Researchers at Saga University and Adamant Namiki Precision Jewelry Co in Japan have developed a new method to store data by using a 5-cm (2-in) diamond wafer that can hold 25 million terabytes or 25 billion gigabytes of data. It is the result of decades of research by a group of Japanese researchers, who were able to create these wafers by using the most advanced technology in their industry.

The newly developed wafer called Kenzan Diamond is so pure that it can be used in quantum computing applications, including memory. However, until now, these wafers were too small (up to 4mm) to be used in such applications, and they weren’t pure enough. With the new method, they have been able to realize this goal.

The new wafer will allow users to store all games of Steam over 6,000 times or billion Blu-ray worth of data in one place. It also means that users won’t have to worry about keeping the space clean or maintaining their hard drives because everything will be stored on this single device for almost a lifetime. This breakthrough could revolutionize the way we use technology today!

The researchers say that this is the first time that a whole storage device has been made using a single wafer. They believe that the technology could lead to smaller and more powerful hard drives, as well as more efficient data centres.


What Is the Secret Behind This Breakthrough?

Silicon chips are already used in computers and other devices, but they have a limited capacity due to the fact that they must be made using conventional technology. But, researchers found that diamond is an excellent alternative material for quantum computing, and it can store large amounts of data very efficiently. Diamond is currently one of the most sought-after materials in the industry due to its unique properties such as strength, hardness, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, fracture toughness, and optical properties.

However, making larger wafers has been difficult because they need to resist high temperatures and pressures without breaking or absorbing too much nitrogen – essential elements for their function -which would affect their accuracy over time.

The new technique uses the principle of “step flow growth,” making it possible to make ultra-pure and strong wafers that can contain more data than previously thought possible. The researchers were able to achieve this with an iridium film coating on the surface of the sapphire substrate, which minimises nitrogen absorption during the cooling process and prevents stress cracks. The researchers say that their process will help them build quantum memory devices that can store data for millions of years. They also say that future devices could be made with even smaller wafers which would make them more efficient than those currently available on the market today.

diamond wafer 25 exabytes quantum memory disc

Breakthrough Allows for Mass Production of 5CM Diamond Wafers

The size of individual storage solutions has been steadily decreasing over the last few years as manufacturers race to pack more data onto each device. The problem is that traditional semiconductor fabrication processes don’t provide enough capacity for the ever-growing amounts of data that need to be stored on them. But the new diamond wafer has been developed, which is big enough to hold the entire contents of 25 million 1TB SSDs, but it is only a 2-inch diamond wafer. It will be a huge improvement over current storage technology.

Adamant Namiki Precision Jewelry Co says that they have developed an extremely high-density recording medium with the ability to store large amounts of data. This will enable them to develop future storage devices that can efficiently handle large amounts of data.

Researchers say that they have already successfully made a 5 cm wafer, hoping to commercialise it in 2023, but they need to make it even bigger. They want to see if they can use this new technology and make a 10 cm wafer, which is twice as large as what they have now. The road ahead will be long and challenging, but the team is confident that their approach will work. This is going to be one of the most difficult challenges for modern manufacturing. But it’s also very exciting because it’s going to help them solve some of their biggest problems in terms of scaling up.



The breakthrough could be the key to making the next generation of storage devices, which could revolutionise data storage. However, it also has potential uses beyond that. This can bring huge value to the industry as it may reduce not only the cost but also increase the quality of products manufactured using this technology.



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