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When is the Right Time to Replace Your Laptop Battery?

When is the Right Time to Replace Your Laptop Battery?

Laptop batteries certainly aren’t made to last forever. In fact, did you know that most laptops are only good for around 400 charging cycles before they bite the dust? Not a lot of people know this and will constantly charge their computers, thinking that it is helping the device. A good way to help a dying laptop battery is to keep It from constantly being plugged into the wall. Always charging a battery through the wall outlet for a long charge diminishes battery life incredibly. It puts wear on the unit and can lead to multiple issues down the road. Do yourself a favour and keep it unplugged every now and then to limit the usage.

jump start your dead battery

jump start your dead battery

When it comes to shopping and purchasing a new battery, we are warned that cheaper does NOT always mean better. You could very well be purchasing a cheap plastic shell full of crappy batteries that will never hold a decent charge. When looking for your next replacement power cell, try out Amazon or eBay. You’re almost guaranteed to find a decent battery for a great and affordable cost. OEM batteries also work very well; however, they cost a pretty penny-some up to 300 dollars. Some great brands to purchasing your next computer from would be Apple, Dell, or HP. These brands have plenty of great reviews, and you’re sure to find an amazing device to fit whatever needs you to have.

Your laptop is very important to you. Whether it is used for work, recreational use, or as a source of information for the household, you need to try your best to take the proper care. Purchasing laptop cases and covers to prevent physical damage to the battery is a good step to take in the case of falls or impact damage. Keeping your batteries away from water, magnets, and electricity are also crucial to preventing issues.

Although these seem like very simple tasks to follow, not many of us are as mindful of protecting our devices. Accidents also can occur every single day, but when you take the necessary precautions, you’ll be protected and secure for when these events do arise. The following are ways and prevention methods to keep your battery running smoothly from inside of the computer itself and can be used in everyday activity for your laptop.

Laptop Battery Damage Causes

Your battery is a device that, as we mentioned above, can be very expensive. It would only make sense that when damages start to show, that you’d be displeased, upset, and worried. There are multiple causes for laptop battery damage, and the following are several signs that your battery may need a replacement.

Slow Charging Time-It takes forever for your laptop to meet a steady power level.

Unexpected Power Levels-Your Laptop loses power almost immediately or out of nowhere.

Overheating– When your computer gets very hot very fast. This can be a hazard to not only your computer but to your skin and body.

Little Screen Time– Is your computer not making it past the 3-hour mark? Most batteries are made to support life for nearly six hours at a time. If you aren’t making it towards or around this point, you may have some issues that need assessing.

Laptop Age– It’s obvious that if your computer is five-plus years old, that you would need a replacement sooner or later. After all, these devices certainly aren’t made to last forever.

Resolutions for Early Battery Preservation

In case you’re very concerned about your laptop battery and want to try and preserve it for as long as possible, Cheatsheet.com came up with a few easy tasks that you can do every single day to further your battery life. These simple steps are very easy to do and are best to be performed as soon as possible to prevent any damage to your laptop battery.

  1. Turning Down Screen Brightness– Your screen’s power settings have a huge influence on your overall battery power. Turning down the display can save your batteries life.
  2. Turning Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth– While these are on, your computer may be looking for new applications, spending excess battery power.
  3. Buy An SSD– This ‘Solid State Hard drives’ saves more power than using your traditional mechanical hard drive or drive. Try switching to one to save on power.
  4. Activate Battery Saver Mode– This seems like a no brainer, but many of us forget that its an actual function for most laptops.
  5. Unplug Unused Devices– Have speakers or other USB connections and wires plugged in, but aren’t using them? Rip those things out of your hardware and save your computer the extra use and running.
  6. Plug Your Laptop in Before Death– Plugging your laptop in before it reaches the 20% state can help preserve battery life, as it is actually bad to plug in your device when it dies completely.
  7. Keep Your Laptop Out of Crazy Temperatures– This is another easy one to comprehend. Your Laptop is a very fragile piece of equipment that doesn’t like places that are too hot or too cold, as these damages the equipment and your battery. Don’t throw your laptop into the snow or leave it out in the sun all day and do your system a favour.
  8. RAM– Does your computer have enough RAM to do your daily tasks or take in new information from the internet or your flash drive? Many don’t realise that this can lead to battery issues early on.


All the above can help you keep your battery life preserved for a very long time. Laptops are pieces of fragile hardware and need to be treated as such. Many of us can be too rough on our devices, leading to issues such as the pre-mentioned battery life problems mentioned above. Keeping your laptop in a cool environment without excessive use and charging will keep your computer running smoothly. Practice these tips and tricks every single day to get the most life out of your current device.

Written by The Original PC Doctor on 10/03/2020.

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