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Cracked Screens: Accidents Happen, But You Can Prevent Them Sometimes

Cracked Screens: Accidents Happen, But You Can Prevent Them Sometimes

We are increasingly starting to rely on technology to help us get our work done. Technology is becoming an essential part of not only our careers but also our personal lives. With this in mind, opening up your laptop to a cracked screen can feel like a disaster. The same goes for unlocking your smartphone, only to find that its screen has been cracked.

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Samsung Laptop Cracked Screen

The reality is – accidents do happen. Everyone has faced some sort of accident in the past. A cracked screen on a laptop or mobile device is one such accident that can quickly turn your entire day around. You rely on your laptop, or mobile phone, which means a cracked screen means downtime – and can make data recovery difficult when you need a file urgently.

How And Why Cracked Screens Happen

First of all, understanding why cracked screens happen is a good idea. This can at least give you an understanding of how your laptop or smartphone’s screen can be cracked – equipping you with some knowledge to prevent this type of event from happening possibly.

Consider the thickness of a screen first. A standard LCD display in a laptop tends to be around a quarter-inch thick. In fact, most LCD screens are thinner than this. When you consider the touch displays that are installed on a mobile device – well, these screens are even thinner than a standard LCD found on a laptop.

A screen has a specific bendable angle. When a screen is bent beyond this point, it will crack.

Generally, screens equipped in mobile devices and laptops are considered somewhat durable. They can withstand basic daily usage. At the same time, when usage goes beyond what is considered “basic daily usage,” then the screen becomes fragile. With this in mind, a blow directly on the screen or even the back of the device can lead to a crack in the screen.

In some cases, it is not the tempered glass on top of the display that will crack. Instead, there are many cases where the LCD unit underneath the glass layer will crack. This causes a chemical that is found inside the display unit to leak out. The chemical is an essential component in allowing the screen to display content to the user. In many cases, the crack in the screen will cause a drop of the chemical to leak out. The chemical will then flow in the form of tentacles from that one particular drop.

What To Do When Your Screen Is Cracked

Remaining calm and considering the problem at hand is crucial when facing a cracked screen. You should start by considering what device has a cracked screen. You may be able to continue using your laptop if its screen has been cracked. Things will be considerably different when you find that your mobile device has a cracked screen.

If it is your laptop that faces a cracked screen, then you can connect the device to a monitor or television. Simply plug an HDMI cable in the monitor and the laptop. This should allow you to continue using your laptop even when its screen has been cracked. By using the laptop with an external monitor, you get an opportunity to back up anything you need while the laptop’s screen is being repaired.

When a mobile phone’s screen is cracked, things are different. You will not be able to connect it to an external monitor. You will likely need to take the device in for repairs before you are able to use the smartphone again.

Steps To Prevent A Cracked Screen

There are a few ways that you can prevent your screen from being cracked. The most important would be to provide adequate protection for your device. Whether you use a laptop or a mobile device, always ensure you are using a padded cover or sleeve for the device.


A cracked screen on a portable device can quickly cause your life to feel chaotic, especially if you depend on that device on a daily basis. Prevention is the key to solving this issue. With just a couple of steps taken into consideration, you can already reduce the risk of finding your laptop or smartphone with a cracked screen. When this type of accident does happen, you should also understand why it occurred and what steps you should take.


Written by The Original PC Doctor on 13/03/2020.

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