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Real Estate Website Domain Hacked Warned Details Used

Real Estate Website Domain Hacked Warned Details Used

Have you heard about the Real Estate Domain? Do you know about cyber attacks? If you know about the two issues, then this article is for you. We will look at a cyber-attack that hit the Real Estate domain leading to personal information falling into the hackers’ hands. If you wish to know more about this attack, follow along as we unveil the mystery behind this cyber crime.

Real Estate Website Domain Hacked Warned Details Used

What is Cyber-Attack

A cyber-attack is whereby a hacker takes advantage of a system’s vulnerability and compromises the system in general. Cyber-attacks have become more and more dangerous as the days go by, with hackers learning new ways to penetrate a system and corrupt or gain access to data from systems worldwide. 

Common types of attacks include:

Malware attacks – it is malicious software that is used to breach vulnerable networks. The software used includes spyware viruses, ransomware, and worms.

The attack, when launched, can lead to the blockage of crucial components of the network. For example, obtain information stored in a hard drive or even disrupt the network and render it inoperable.

Phishing attacks – it is the act of sending fraudulent communication which appears to come from a legit source. The attack intends to gain personal information such as credit card numbers and emails. Phishing attacks are widespread in the modern world; they were used to attack Real Estate Website Domains.

Man-in- the–middle – also referred to as eavesdropping. It occurs when a person inserts themselves in the middle of a two-way transaction. Once the hacker gains access, they can filter out the data that they require.

Companies such as Twitter and Google suffer from millions of cyber-attacks each year. However, new protection methods are being invented each day to deal with attacks and safeguard people’s information on the internet. However, even the companies with the most robust security suffer from cyber-attacks, and the Real Estate Website Domain fell victim to one of the attacks.


The Real Estate Domain Attack

The cyber-attack occurred last Thursday on the companies Domain listing portal. The customers were warned that their personal information might have been used as part of a scam after the website got compromised by hackers. The customers affected were contacted and informed that the Domain has been hacked. And their personal information has been accessed. In addition, information such as phone numbers and email addresses might have been accessed during the cyber-attack.

The hackers used the information gained during the attack to ask for money. They claimed that the money was a deposit for a particular rental property on the website. It, however, was not true; the domain executive tried his best to handle the situation before it got out of hand. It is, however, not yet clear how many customers got affected by this scam.

Only a few people had notified the Domain about the scam that was going on. It, however, did not go far as after the notification, the matter was dealt with.

With the rise in online operations due to the pandemic, many companies are falling victim to cyber-attacks. Hence businesses are trying their level best to ensure their systems are secure. However, the Real Estate Domain has not been left behind. They are implementing new and improved ways to deal with phishing attacks and any other cyber-attack. They are also consulting external security firms to find new ways to prevent phishing attacks and scams online.

The attack comes right after a cyber-attack was launched into the Channel Nine corporation. The attack was so vital that it led to the cancellation of most of its live programs on March 28.

In a statement taken from one of the workers in the company, he said that they were set to begin the live broadcast when the attack happened. Hence the evening NLR match and news bulletin were cancelled on the spot to deal with the attacks.

Nine owns a 60 percent share of the Real Estate Domain. So there might be a connection to the two attacks! It is only speculation, though, and no proof has been provided to back it.

Phishing for credit card payments

CEO’s Statement

The CEO of the Domain has made a public speech where he acknowledges the fact that the Domain was attacked. He states that the scam hit a small number of people; hence it should not cause alarm. He has stretched the fact that the company is implementing new and improved measures to handle such future occurrences.

However, it is sad to see people take advantage of other people’s information to try and scam them. The mere thought of a person accessing your data is horrific. Furthermore, cyber-attacks are crimes that are punishable by the law. We, therefore, hope that the people who caused the attack will be arrested and persecuted according to the law. Considering the havoc they drove to people using the Domain, it should only be fair.



Cyber-attacks are growing every day, especially now that the pandemic has given people a lot of idle time to plan. We would therefore hope that companies take precautions so that they do not become victims of a cyber-attack.


Written by The Original PC Doctor on 15/06/2021.

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