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OpenWifi Project Adopts Openroaming Standards for the Vision of Global Networks

OpenWifi Project Adopts Openroaming Standards for the Vision of Global Networks

Do you love surfing the internet? Do you use WIfi to surf the internet? If you do so, then this is the article for you. In this article, we will look at the Revolutionary OpenWifi that is taking over the tech industry. The plan of this project is to provide a wifi network that anyone can connect to all across the globe, hence the term OpenWifi.

OpenWifi Project Adopts Openroaming Standards for the Vision of Global Networks

The vision of this project is to make a “single, giant WIFI network” that allows millions and billions of people to connect automatically and securely in any secure location. It is going to complement cellular connectivity in converged network architecture.


Why the OpenWifi Project is a Fantastic Idea

Wifi networks provide high-speed and efficient connectivity to the internet. They allow us to browse at speeds faster than the roaming connection can. The network is also going to cover a vast area globally, both rural and urban. That means that sites with low internet coverage will be able to access the internet with ease. Moreover, the network will not consume a lot of the phone’s battery charge.

With the OpenWifi having less charge consumption and incredible surfing speed, one can only speculate the fantastic things it could do to the world.


Features of the OpenWifi Project

The telecom infra Project (TIP) OpenWifi has adopted the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) OpenRoaming standard. Hence, it has paved the way for users to seamlessly move in between hotspots without the need to reconnect or even enter the WIFI’s password. Now imagine such an occurrence on a large scale. We are talking about a worldwide connection.

The OpenWifi wants to apply the concept of how wireless networks are built. It will hence be able to deal with the issue of fragmentation quickly and efficiently. That means easier network connection to a significant population on a worldwide scope.

The OpenWifi also uses the concept of mutual identity. The idea is that the users get to have a common identity. Using the shared identity, they can be able to access the network without additional interaction like passwords. The handovers between access points are handled the same way mobile operators move their subscribers from one cell to another. The idea will solve the connection issue globally and bring network connectivity to people who live in remote areas.

open wifi event launch


WIFI 6 OpenRoaming

The idea behind OpenRoaming is to provide open source leverage and automated testing. Doing so will enable providers to use multi-vendor devices and software such as intelligent analytic and cloud controllers as long as the software is compatible.

The wireless broad Alliance OpenRoaming, just like the OpenWifi, aims to eliminate the problem of barrier connectivity. It is hence a good addiction to the OpenWifi project. The CEO of broad wireless Alliance is pushing to see a world of standard network connection. Thus, the world is set to have digital connectivity that is efficient in serving the entire ecosystem of consumers, communication service providers, OEMs, and even businesses. With this vision and motivation, the OpenIWifi project is hopefully going to be successful.

The OpenRoaming technology has been tested by cisco in turkey and turned out to be exceptionally successful. Since then, it has been launched commercially in Canary Wharf, London. Cisco then transferred the management of OpenRoaming to the WBA last year with the hopes of fostering cross-industry collaboration and support.

Hence, the OpenWifi project is already in motion, with some of its components already in use and working successfully. They OpenRoaming has, however, not been implemented globally, but hopes of its growth are immense.

The project is also greatly supported by AT and T, Boingo, Broadcom, Commscope, Facebook, Intel, Samsung, Deutsche Telecom, and Net Experience. With such significant support to back the project, it is set to go places in the coming years.


Advantages of the OpenWIfi Project and OpenRoaming

The first advantage would be how the project will solve internet connection to people in remote areas. I mean, we are in an era where a lot of things are being done online, from learning to communicate and holding meetings. But, unfortunately, people in remote areas get to miss out on such things due to low connectivity. But with OpenWifi, people in remote areas can be able to have unlimited access to a Wifi connection that is strong.

The Openwifi will also bridge the gap between students in remote areas and people in urban areas. The pandemic has led to the shift of education from face-to-face to online. However, with slow or no connection in some areas, students cannot learn at ease. Teachers are also not able to upload resources online due to poor internet connection. But with the strength of the OpenWifi, teachers can stream classes quickly, and students get to receive them with ease. Hence it will make online learning more accessible.



A world that has a shared network feels like something out of the future. However, we are bound to have OpenWifi sooner than we expect with the seamless research being done.


Written by The Original PC Doctor on 14/06/2021.

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