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Microsoft Edge Now Starts Up Faster and Gets Vertical Tabs

Microsoft Edge Now Starts Up Faster and Gets Vertical Tabs

Microsoft, the world’s leading software manufacturing company, launched edge browser back in 2020. Since its launch, it is receiving updates from time to time to add tons of new features. Vertical tabs are one of the features that the company had announced a year ago. Today, the company disclosed that vertical tabs on its edge browser are available now. Microsoft’s technical team has also said that the browser has gone through some technological changes. These changes will enable the browser to load faster than before.

Microsoft Edge Now Starts Up Faster and Gets Vertical Tabs

Microsoft Edge Now Starts Up Faster and Gets Vertical Tabs

Microsoft Edge Will Open Browser in the Background

Microsoft has tested that the browser loads 41% faster now. It is worth mentioning that Microsoft cannot make your hard drive load faster. It has decreased the browser load time by loading it in the background. Instead of shrinking Edge, it will open the browser in the background as you sign in to your account. The search engine will continue running in your system even if you close all browser windows. You can turn off this feature without any permission from the vendor.

Almost after a year, Microsoft has added the vertical tabs feature that allows users to play with the browser and their system. The company has also vowed to bring the start-up improvements at the end of this month.

Vertical Tabs is Not a New Feature

The vertical tabs feature is not a new one because all other browsers support this feature. Some browsers have built-in features, but a few allow users to install them as extensions. The users of the Microsoft Edge browser wanted to have the feature to feel relaxed and comfortable. Initially, the company had announced the launch of this feature in March 2020. It allows users to place their cluttered tabs on one side with a single click. The vertical tabs feature is ideal for people who have dozens of tabs open at the same time. Moving those tabs to the side allows users to see the tab titles and controls.

It is an admitted fact that most websites follow a conventional grid that has large white spaces on both ends of the page. In today’s announcement, Michele McDanel states that the vertical tabs feature will help users utilise these white spaces. He further says that after they began working with their users, they realised that this white space could be a better option for vertical tabs. It is not an entirely new concept. Many Microsoft-certified users have gone through its testing phases and worked with many prototypes.

While researching, Microsoft also revealed that the people using these vertical tabs like to switch between these tabs quite easily. The software manufacturing giant has also provided the users with an always visible toggle to switch between the conventional horizontal tabs and vertical tabs. The team has also added a collapse button for those who want to collapse all the tabs with a single click.

Microsoft is also planning to bring certain nifty features to its search engine, Bing. It provides users with a recipe view that helps users when they are out of choice or ideas. Note that the sidebars of the search engine give it an infographic-like look and feel.

edge tab sidebar

Edge – vertical tab sidebar

Google Plans to Enhance Browser Usability

As far as the browser’s load time is concerned, the company claims a 41% faster load time. It has brought many features to improve the speed and compete with the Google Chrome browser. The competition is becoming severe over time. Google is also pushing many updates to enhance the browser’s usability and make it stand in the competition.

Figures show that users prefer using a browser with minimal load time and offer varied features to facilitate interaction with users. Nowadays, people switching between Chrome and Edge browsers feel a little difference in both browsers. However, the homepage and default search engine functionality are in Google chrome but not in Edge. Both chrome and Edge have open-source chromium at the back.

September 2020 figure shows that 66% of internet users prefer using Google Chrome because of its vast market share and easy operations. However, 3% usage of Edge browser is also encouraging because most of us never thought that it would hit this figure in just one year. The future updates of both browsers will prove the winner of the competition.


Written by The Original PC Doctor on 25/3/2021.

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