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Internet Browsers

Internet Browsers

Have you ever realised everything you have on your computer from when you bought are not the only applications you can run, in-fact you always have a choice, which also extends to your internet browsers?

Internet Browsers

Which begs the question: are you 100% satisfied with your current browser?

Are you aware of the competition and features of other browsers? What other choices do you have?

  • Mozilla Firefox is an open-source browser, in a nutshell; open source software is computer software that is distributed along with its source code – the code that is used to create the software – under a special software license. The license allows users to use, change and improve the software’s source code, and to redistribute the software either before or after it has been modified. Mozilla Firefox includes tabbed browsing and RSS feeds, is very easy to use, and is well supported with a variety of third-party plug-ins.
  • Netscape 8 takes the best of both worlds, it runs both IE and Mozilla’s engines, should sites you want to visit render properly only with IE. Netscape 8 also includes tabbed browsing, and it’s easy to use.
  • Two unique browsers are also available. One is Apple Safari RSS, designed to run on the Mac OS X operating system. Bundled with Mac Tiger OS (and available for download for previous Mac OS X users), Safari offers tabbed browsing, an RSS reader, and increased speed.
  • Finally, there’s Opera, which uses neither the IE nor the Mozilla engine. Opera has the ability to stretch and resize Web pages to fit your desktop needs without sacrificing content. Unfortunately, Opera comes with a catch: in order to get all of the advanced features, you’ll need to pay $40 or put up with an endless stream of banner advertising on the free version. This makes the value proposition for Opera 8 questionable.

Just to make it easier for you to compare and decide here is a chart of the pro’s and con’s.

make it easier for you to compare and decide here is a chart of the pro’s and con’s.

Features Internet Explorer 6 (with Windows XP SP2) Mozilla Firefox Netscape 8 Deepnet Explorer Safari RSS Opera 8
Cost Free Free Free Free Free Free
OS Windows XP (SP2 only) Windows, Linux, Mac OS Windows (98 through XP) Windows (98 through XP) Mac OS 10.x Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris
Tabbed browsing No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RSS integration No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in antispyware No No Yes No No No
Pop-up blocker Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Written by The Original PC Doctor on 2/2/2012.

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Stage 4: Restrictions Melbourne Metro

COVID-19 Stage 4 Overview

We are closely monitoring the situation daily and constantly revision and updating company policies and procedures to keep our staff, clients and the greater community safe. If any of our staff have any flu symptoms, they must cease work immediately and get tested while waiting for tests they are forced to stay at home and not permitted to leave for any reason what so ever. Thus far Australia wide as of 7:12 am on 18th August 2020 we have had 4 technicians go in for testing, one in SA and three in Victoria all came back as negative, to our knowledge we have been responsible for zero community transmissions and zero COVID-19 cases. After dealing with virus outbreaks for the last 20 years we understand the social dynamics and life cycles of these epidemics. As an organisation have gone over and above the government regulations and are working on new technologies to keep serving our clients with the highest standards of quality and service long into this pandemic.

We would like to update you regarding the stage 4 restrictions imposed by Daniel Andrews government on the state of Victoria since Midnight 5th August 2020. We will be closely screening all clients that they are clear from any flu symptoms or been into contact with anyone that is confirmed to have the COVID-19 virus. The great news is you can still get your computer fixed in Victoria, all other states are not affected and running as per normal, we have a number of flexible options for you;

1) Remote desktop support, for any software configuration issues we can log in remotely via the internet and fix them.

2) Contact-less computer repairs. We will book a time when a technician will come to your work or home, once the technician arrives they will call you. You are then required to put the equipment outside. The technician will take the equipment away assess it and then get back to you with some options for repairing it. Once the repairs are complete the technician will return the computer back to you.

3) Sendle - DIY send it in. You can book a Sendle pickup which we organise for the next business day. Simple call up and book the job, you then need to put your laptop in a box and we email you a shipping label. Attach the label to the box and a Sendle courier will pick it up from your work or home on the next business day. We will also arrange for delivery back to you once the computer is all fixed up.

4) Australia Post. You can register your details with us and then send your computer in for repairs. We can send it back once the machine is repaired and working like new again.

5) Onsite booking, this is only as a last resort if you need your computer as a primary communications tool or you need help with your NBN or VOIP phone. We can dispatch a technician with the full PPE outfit to you home or workplace to get you back online.

If you have any comments, concerns or feedback we would love to hear it, please email our biosecurity task force at [[email protected]].