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Google’s Pocket Gallery Art Museum Experiences Come To The Web

Google’s Pocket Gallery Art Museum Experiences Come To The Web

Google started out as a search engine back in 1998. Today, however, the name Google is more than just a way to quickly find things on the internet. In addition to providing search engine capabilities, Google now offers a complete business management suite, the ability to get a free universal email address, and even has its own range of smartphones out on the market.

Early in 2018, Google announced a brand new addition to its already impressive collection of applications – an extension to the Google Arts & Culture mobile app. This allowed people to browse a variety of artwork and paintings by taking advantage of the AR features in their smartphones. Now, Google is launching the 3D Art Gallery function to the web, allowing people without AR access to gain an opportunity to view these art pieces.

Googles Pocket Gallery Art Museum Experiences Come To The Web

An Overview Of Googles Pocket Gallery

Google’s Pocket Gallery was developed to offer an art museum from the comfort of the user’s own home. Travelling to distant locations in order to view art can be costly, and there is often not sufficient time for these activities. Additionally, there are some paintings held in protected facilities. These paintings are generally not available to the general public. This means that, even if a person decides to travel to different art museums, they will still be facing a number of restrictions. Some examples include paintings by Vermeer and Klimt. These are, of course, only two examples.

The Pocket Gallery by Google provides an interactive way to browse through these museums and look at a variety of paintings. This used to be done through a mobile application. In order to utilise the mobile app, the smartphone had to provide support for AR or augmented reality.

Unfortunately, a large number of smartphones do not come with this particular technology. This means access to the pocket art gallery was significantly limited for people who did not have an AR-compatible phone to work with.

Bringing The Pocket Gallery To The Web

Joe Shepherd, Associate Product Manager at Google, recently published an official press release detailing a few changes to how the pocket art gallery will work. In this report, Google announces its recent actions to bring the Pocket Gallery experience to the web.

This means people who do not have augmented reality functionality in their mobile devices are now able to also take part in this particular experience that Google brings to art lovers.

The new update brings several benefits to people who are interested in learning more about different art pieces that are showcased in museums throughout the world. This time, the individual does not require AR technology to get the full experience of this art museum. In fact, there is no need to even sign into the pocket gallery from a mobile phone.

Now, people are allowed to sign into this platform by visiting the official website on a desktop computer. The process was also made simple – the individual simply needs to visit the website on a web browser, and then choose the gallery or specific piece of art they wish to view.

Googles Pocket Gallery Art Museum Experiences

Features To Look Forward To

All of the features that were part of the original Pocket Gallery from Google remain present in the web-based version that the company is now releasing. This means it is possible to get the full experience on a web browser – providing a larger screen to enjoy a variety of artwork.

In addition to these, people will also be able to take advantage of a digital museum tour when they sign onto the web application. This is great for those who want to learn more about specific paintings while also exploring and discovering new pieces that they have not yet heard of before.

Each painting can also be explored with the tools built into the web application. This allows the person to choose a specific painting and then browse through various details related to the art piece. Information such as the original painter, current location, and a brief history can serve as useful for people who are looking to discover more about the different cultures linked to each piece of art.

The application also allows an exploration similar to that featured by Google Maps Street View. The user can click to move forward or turn to a side while they navigate to different paintings in the museum.


With the latest announcement from Google, people no longer have to worry about getting their hands on an AR-compatible smartphone to view paintings from all over the world. By making this application available on the web, people are now able to browse even restricted paintings from the comfort of their own homes. While the web feature is a new addition, those who prefer the AR features can still continue to view artwork from their smartphone.


Written by The Original PC Doctor on 26/11/2021.

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