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Earthshot Prize – You Can Save the World

Earthshot Prize – You Can Save the World

Earthshot prize is a recent effort spearheaded by Prince William. One of the most ambitious and highly lucrative prizes for those aspiring to change and even save the planet. The news of its launch of the projects shot across the planet on October 8, 2020, as Prince William himself sat down with famed Sr. David Attenborough, a writer, naturalist, and broadcaster of innovative educational tv programs; as his interviewer. They went over the earshot program and how it hopes to be one of the foundations and inspirations for those seeking to make a better world.


Earthshot Prize

Win money, lots of money

Earthshot is a contest seeking to reward the most inspiring solutions to the world’s most significant climate challenges. The answers should work on a concept and have a positive change on the climate and environment. These will help improve the global living standards primarily focused on those at the most significant risk from climate change.

Who can win: teams, individuals, community projects, scientists, activists, economists, leaders, banks, governments, cities, even countries. All who propose an honest solution that can make a substantial addition to achieving real change.

When does it happen: Earthshot will happen every year between 2021 and 2030 across the planet. The contest will reward five categories each year.

How: Nominations open on November 1, with well over 100 nominating partners from across the globe asked to nominate and submit the identities of individuals, communities, businesses any of those listed who could stand a chance at winning the Earthshot prize money.

Why: Originally, an idea posed by president John F. Kennedy to incentivise ideas that would put a man on the moon, though now presented towards global climate issues and how to resolve them and find a healthier alternative by the ear 2030.


The Point of it

All Earthshot categories start with a sort of oath or promise; that by 2030, the world will be cleaner in general.


Prince William and Earthshot

prince william earthshot prize

Prince William – the spearhead of the Earthshot Prize.

Prince William or his Majesty the Duke of Cambridge is the first son of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Dianna, Princess of Wales. He is second in the line of succession since he was born and is one of the most well-known and admired members of the Royal Family. He has focused on keeping his mother’s legacy alive, helping to make the world a better place. While Diana Princess of Whales was a famous humanitarian and raised awareness of human suffering. Prince William is talking about saving the environment.

Earthshot will reward each nominated party with 1 million pounds per year in five different categories. This contest will be ongoing from 2021 to 2030, for a total of 58 million pounds gathered by the Prince and the Global Alliance.


Each EarthShot

The idea needs to be precise. These problems are on a global scale. That means it does not only save the beach but rather save the ocean, not only clean up the air in one city but everywhere. The idea might feel daunting, but it is taking small concepts and apply them towards the larger problem of global pollution. The organisations are looking for images based on science and practicality. So, if you have a particular technique that can solve, help clean, or protect, find a way to get it known to find yourself nominated for your specific shot.

Protect & Restore Nature: All over the world, animals face extinction. Their homes are ruined and made uninhabitable by climate change; this problem seems only to be exasperated by human-made pollution that has warmed the climate, not to mention the constant cutting of trees and fires to clear brush for business. Our interconnected planet means that by destroying Nature, humanity threatens itself with destruction. Healthy land and a diverse, vibrant fauna become vital to survival and wellbeing. Protect & Restore rewards, ideas, and policies that strive to combat the destruction of Nature.

Protect and Restore Nature will be awarded to ideas and efforts that meet the challenge of protecting and restoring flora and fauna. Any organisation is protecting animals from poachers or animal trafficking. Innovations create job opportunities for people who love and wish to look after the land and regrow by planting trees and reforestation.

Build a Waste-Free World: Based on the notion that humanity has altered the makeup of the world with the pollution caused by decades of garbage and discarded mountains of waste; this Earthshot looks to reward innovative ideas and practices that lead to a world where nothing goes to waste; give the earth enough time to regrow and heal to its original state.

The prize for Waste-Free World Earthshot, will go to the most forward-thinking conservationists. Those individuals, teams, and cities who eliminate single-use anything straws, plastics, packaging, etc., for a greener planet. Cities are looking to revolutionise their waste systems, including re-using landfills and focusing on a life free of waste. The end should be finding a way for people to use less and re-use more.

Revive Our Oceans: The ocean is rife with human-generated ills, waste, plastic, garbage all seem to have a way of finding themselves inserted into or rivers and oceans. Pollution, harmful waste, fishing practiced, and warmer water temperatures threaten undersea life as we know it. Individuals, teams must make robust efforts to find a new way of thinking and acting towards the ocean where people use the sea sustainably.

Winners of this category must prove strong efforts to meet the task of saving our oceans. Stopping unsustainable fishing practices, end criminal enterprises that pollute and endanger undersea life, techniques’ that repair coral reefs and remove pollution on a global scale.

Clean our Air: Millions of people are ill-affected as they breathe toxic air in and out, this poison bringing about death. The leading cause of these come from old vehicles, outdated factories, the burning of fossil fuels.

Those who hope to win the Clean Our Air Earthshot have to become innovators in the way people travel, bringing green transport and finding ways to produce clean energy. Including those that find a way to remove pollution from the air people breathe and find a way to turn those numbers around.

Fix our Climate: Carbon emissions that cling to our atmosphere have made our planet warmer; these levels threaten all the life on the planet. These emissions stem from transportation, factories, and even large animal meat production factories.

The prize will go to those whose efforts lead to a change in the earth’s temperature. Cities, countries that reach zero emissions. Leaders whose decisions lead to creating jobs in a new carbon-neutral economy or future thinkers remove carbon from the air on a world scale.

earthshot goals

The Alliance

The Global Alliance is the first of its size, with many networks and organisations worldwide sharing a similar vision of a healthier environment. The Global partners are nonprofit international organisations dedicated to the environment that share global expertise and reach and serve as the list’s nominating party.

  • C40 Cities
  • The Commonwealth Blue Charter
  • Conservation International
  • org
  • The Green Belt Movement
  • Greenpeace
  • Fauna & Flora International
  • National Geographic
  • One Earth
  • The Paradise
  • Project Everyone
  • Sustainable Markets Initiative
  • Countdown
  • UN Environment Program
  • We Support the UN Global Compact
  • World Economic Forum
  • Green Peace
  • Wrap


The Council

The judges or the prize council is a group made up of different backgrounds and fields from across the world. They are all meant to represent six continents and are all somehow working towards an environmental goal. They are all committed to enacting positive change on the ecological, social, and economic world stage; these include sports figures, philanthropists, astronauts, world-famous actors, and singers.


The EarthShot Prize Council Members

earthshot prize council

The Earthshot – Prize Council

  • Prince William: His royal Majesty brought about together the project and is one of the members who decide who a winner is.
  • Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah: A world leader who supports the sciences and economic revolution to better people’s livelihood.
  • Cate Blanchett: Oscar-winning actress and sustainability advocate.
  • Christina Figueres: Costa Rican Diplomat and founding partner of Global Optimism.
  • Daniel Alves Da Silva: Brazilian Soccer Star and rain forest champion
  • Sir David Attenborough: environmentalist, education show narrator, climate expert.
  • Hindou Qumarou Ibrahim. Fulani people association of chad and co-chair of International Indigenous People Forum on Climate change.
  • Indra Nooyi: Former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo
  • Jack Ma: business magnate and former CEO of Ali Baba
  • Naoko Yamazaki: astronauts and second Japanese woman to fly to space.
  • Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: economist and international development expert former minister of finance in Nigeria.
  • Shakira World-famous singer and founder of Pies Descalsos foundation
  • Yao Ming Basketball star.

This council made up of world-famous personalities representing the six continents will also have teams of scientists to help choose who is most deserving of the prize money.


The End Game Save the World

This prize’s final mission is to inspire and bring about change in the way people do things and how humanity can bring about positive change. This change will influence future generations and build a better world for all those who dwell, be it man or animal.



Written by The Original PC Doctor on 1/1/2021.

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