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Artificial Intelligence Beyond 2020; 50 Founders Predict What Artificial Intelligence Will Look Like After Covid-19

Artificial Intelligence Beyond 2020; 50 Founders Predict What Artificial Intelligence Will Look Like After Covid-19

The Coronavirus outbreak has dramatically reshaped and changed the best ways of how human life works. It has brought radical impacts on approximately all the disciplines and professions, and it has also radically changed the way the world traditionally gets things done.

Artificial Intelligence Beyond 2020 50 Founders Predict What Artificial Intelligence Will Look Like After Covid 19

As we all know that the selfdriving cargo and freight trucks and Robotaxis are still not being used very widely. Because there has never been enough room on the roads to test self-driving technology thoroughly, but the COVID-19 global pandemic has provided all the industries with a golden and utilisable chance to introduce AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Whether it is incurred either by the outbreak tracing or because of the contactless customer interactions for payments, but AI influence is more rapid than ever. It doesn’t matter whatever the reason is, and the current situation offers a room to predict what’s to come next.


The Role AI 50

The AI 50, which is formerly known as Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence Conference, is pervading every possible industry to allow the vehicles for driverless navigation. It is also assisting other industries in introducing AI in their workflows, such as medical diagnoses, mimicking how humans speak, etcetera. In simple words, AI 50 is striving to transform the tasks that AI can perform in exciting and authentic ways.

The second annual AI 50 is created by the partnership of Forbes with Meritech Capital and venture firms Sequoia Capital. It is essentially a list of the United States-based private companies that are already using AI in their business workflows and meaningful ways. The founders of these companies are already working to predict how the new world will look. They are also working on the trends to find out how the COVID-19 has altered or accelerated the spread of artificial intelligence permanently.

Evan Reiser’s Views
Evan Reiser, who is the CEO of the Abnormal Security, in his interview with Forbes, said, “We have already observed the progress of a couple of years of digital transformation only in the course of the last couple of months.” Undoubtedly it is a huge thing to say, but accurate and for good.

The behind these drastic changes is that the more workflows and processes of the business Abnormal Security are forced to carry out digitally. Raiser added that he is expecting to see the use of artificial intelligence, even more, to help his business analyze and evaluate the new type of data in order to increase efficiency.

James Wu’s Views
It is a prevalent and common misconception among people that artificial intelligence is nothing but a threat to humanity. James Wu, who is the CEO of the DeepMap, believes that due to the current situation and the dramatic uses of AI, people inevitably will abandon this thought process. He says that we will observe the shift in public sentiment.

Very soon, we will cover the distance from “AI is a threat to humanity” to “AI makes the world better.” He adds that people will associate artificial intelligence with safety, and ironically, human contact will be regarded as danger (As we have already observed it due to coronavirus).


Human Contact has Become a Real Danger

It is one of the most devastating impacts of coronavirus that human contact is now considered to be a danger to people’s lives. For example, the meal supply businesses such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash, and many others are offering contactless food delivery. The reason is to minimise human to human contact. James Wu predicts that in the very near future, we will see the AI robots signing up for such services to supply food and drugs at people’s doors.

James Peng’s Views
James Peng, who is the CEO of Pony.ai, echoes with all of the above views from other CEOs, and he says; that the autonomous vehicles are transportation experience is not only safer but according to the situations and needs it can be even 100 percent contactless. Although it seems a little scary but artificial today is at the point where it is entirely possible, and we already have seen the driverless autos examples with Tesla Motors.


Vaccine Preparation

To discover and formulate the vaccine for COVID-19 is by far the most urgent requirement. But the healthcare department has released an update that, it is impossible to develop the coronavirus vaccine before 2020 fall. There are multiple difficulties, such as the mutation of the virus is very rapid; the symptoms and illness patterns are not very similar among the patients and more.

Andrew A. Radin’s Views
Andrew A. Radin, who is the CEO and co-founder of twoXAR, says that the illness caused by coronavirus should not be fancy, and its vaccine will be very different from the other major diseases and ailments like cancer. Therefore, the vaccine preparation method is very time consuming while a lot of people suffer. He adds that it is not about the scientific structure and study to discover the COVID-19 vaccine. It’s about the manufacturing and testing process, which are causing delays in introducing the vaccine to the market. In such a situation, only AI can bring the clinical testing efficiencies from selecting the patients to predicting the worst events.


Remote Working is Becoming a Norm

According to the study conducted by a group consisting of MIT researchers, in the current situation, approximately 50 percent of the people are working remotely. The working from home trend has dramatically risen, and the most prominent example is Twitter. Jack Dorsey, who is currently the CEO of Twitter, has announced that his employees are free to work remotely forever if they want.

Bhavin Shah’s Views
Bhavin Shah is the CEO and founder of Moverworks organisation that strives to fix IT issues for better efficiency. He says that working from home has indeed become the new norm around the business community worldwide. The AI functionalities and tools allow the employees to get live tech support. He adds that getting the location diagnostics has also become even more critical.

Palmer Luckey’s Views
Palmer Luckey, who is the designer of Oculus Rift and the founder of Oculus VR, has some different views. He says that the coronavirus outbreak and the current situation will not affect AI advances substantially. However, COVID-19 is undoubtedly increasing the number of AI use cases. He adds that in the future, the organisations and the government will consider AI broadly for many autonomous systems.

Daniel Dines Views
The CEO and co-founder of UiPath, Daniel Dines, believes that COVID-19 has exposed that the autonomous workflows have tremendous benefits. He says that the automation will be needed more than ever, even the global crisis finishes.

Eilon Reshef’s Views
Eilon Reshef, the chief product officer and the co-founder of Gong.io, says that countless types of jobs will prefer AI. Eilon further states that he can foresee professionals from lawyers to salespersons having specialised AI assistants. The medical profession will also use AI assistants to decode the X-Rays and other reports to find the concerned areas. The AI will also have significant impacts and influences on the supply chain to especially minimise the travelling requirement.


Final Word

According to all of these experts’ views, we can see that the world after COVID-19 will be entirely different. We are actually at the cusp of the artificial intelligence breakthrough, and it surely will become mission-critical in all the aspects of people’s lives.


Written by The Original PC Doctor on 24/8/2020.

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