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10 Best Chrome Browser Extensions You Need to Have

10 Best Chrome Browser Extensions You Need to Have

Do you use Google Chrome? If you do, you are in luck! You have the opportunity to change your browsing experience by downloading free extensions from the Chrome Store. Extensions offer various features to help readers work more efficiently.

10 Best Chrome Browser Extensions You Need to Have

Extensions are small applications that provide an addition to or enhancement of a user’s web browsing experience. They are developed by third-party developers outside the browser. Unlike webpages, they can be used to augment and alter many different aspects of using the internet.

Are you looking for some good browser extensions? There is a large number of extensions that one can use to beef up their internet experience. They range from useful to annoying, but these 10 are worth having. They will keep you connected, entertained and help you complete tasks quickly and easily.

Google Translate

Google Translation Chrome Extension addon

Users: 10+ million

Google Translate is a handy extension if you’re not sure what the website or text is saying. It can translate text or let you type in a word and translate it for you. An option on the top-right of the extension enables you to set language preferences, and there’s also a handy little button that says, “Translate this page.” When translated, it will show little translations as you go.



Grammarly Google Chrome Extension addon

Users: 10+ million

Grammarly is an extension that checks your grammar as you type. It is excellent for writers, bloggers, and anyone who needs to proofread things before sharing them with the world. You can set up Grammarly for all of your Google accounts, including Gmail and Google Docs. It features a spell check and grammar checker that checks for over 250 types of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. It even has a plagiarism checker that checks whether excerpts are free from copying, so you get original content every time you share something! You can get a free Grammarly account by clicking here.



Pocket Google Chrome extension addon

Users: 2+ million

Pocket is one of the best extensions you can download. The reason for this is because it allows you to save articles or videos easily to read later. With so much content out there and not enough time to go through it all, Pocket helps you save the articles that interest you for later. It’s a great way to catch up on reading without having to spend a lot of time going through each article individually just to find them. Pocket is available as a Chrome web app and an extension for your browser. You can get Pocket here.


Save to Google Drive

Save to Google Drive Chrome Extension Addon

Users: 6+ million

Save to Google Drive is like Pocket, but it lets you save entire web pages to Google Drive. It is useful for saving content that you want to use for research or simply share with other people later. There are even options for editing PDF files and converting documents right in your browser! To get the extension, just search “Save to Google Drive” in the Chrome Store, and select the extension from the results.



onetab google chrome extension addon

Users: 2+ million

OneTab is the ultimate extension for anyone who uses multiple tabs on their browser. It’s great for people who read and write a lot as they can save space by having all their browsing in one tab rather than switching between a few tabs throughout the day. It has a button that you can click that saves all of your tabs in the form of an HTML file. This HTML file is no big deal and can be loaded again at any time. It comes in very handy if you’ve been using a bunch of tabs over a few days or weeks and you want to save space on your computer or laptop. If you want to get OneTab, then go here.


The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender chrome extension addon

Users: 9,000+

The Great Suspender is a browser extension that allows you to suspend tabs in the background if you have many of them open. If you’re not going to use a tab, instead of clicking the icon on top or right-clicking the tab, you can just select it and “suspend” it. The tab will be sent to the background and will not bother you until you click on it again. The Great Suspender helps save your battery life by stopping tabs from running in the background when they’re not open. If you have many tabs open, but you’re not using them, this extension can help out! You can automatically suspend tabs after a set amount of time, or you can choose which ones to suspend manually. And you can configure it so that it only suspends tabs when your computer is plugged in. You can download The Great Suspender here!


Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Clipper Chrome Extension Addon

Users: 3+ million

Evernote is among the most famous note-taking apps out there, and with good reason. It’s free, and we can use it on any device. The Web Clipper extension allows you to clip all sorts of things, including articles, recipes, photos, addresses, and other things. You can organise them into different notebooks in Evernote, and you can even save them directly to Dropbox from your browser. You can get it here.


Ghostery (Web filtering)

Ghostery chrome extension addon

Users: 2+ million

Ghostery is a very useful browser add-on that protects you from trackers. Trackers are third-party marketing services that follow your every move when you’re online. They intend to see what you’re looking at online, which ads you’re looking at, and things like that. You would think that an extension would protect you from this, but it’s very difficult to stop trackers completely. Ghostery does a great job of protecting against trackers on most websites, but not completely. However, it does a great job at blocking many of them. It also blocks ads on websites from being displayed, helping make browsing faster and less irritating. This extension also blocks ads displayed in the email or news feeds of other social media websites. You can download Ghostery here.


Google Keep

Google Keep Chrome Extension Addon

Users: 7+ million

Google Keep is a simple text and note-taking tool that you can use with your favourite browser. You can even save to-dos, ideas, and more just by writing them down on your home screen. In the future, all you will need is to open a specific tab in your browser, and all of the notes you made will pop up ready for you to read or delete. It is useful for people that need to leave feedback or create detailed notes of their conversations or other information. Users can create reminders, check them off, and take notes directly inside the app without opening another application like a text editor. It is also useful for bloggers who want to save comments that they would like to reference later. You can download Google Keep here.



iPassword chrome addon feature

Users: 1+ million

1Password is a simple but very useful extension for being more secure online. It helps you create very secure passwords that are nearly impossible for anyone to guess. You can store all passwords in 1Password and then log into websites with a single click of the mouse. It is super handy for school, where you’ll need to do a lot of passwords creating just to get your work done. You can store information like your social security number, medical records, and things of that nature. With this extension, you’ll be able to do this all in a secure vault that will only open once you provide the inputted code password. You can download 1Password here.



If you like to keep track of information while browsing the web, these are all great tools to have with you at all times. You can save more time and effort by using these tools instead of taking notes yourself, and you can even help the environment by reducing the amount of paper you use to jot down notes.

Here we’ve discussed some of the best extensions to help you with everything from saving power in your laptop batteries to taking notes and managing to-do lists. Whether or not any of them work for you is up to you – but at least you’ll have a bit of a head start on the competition.

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Written by The Original PC Doctor on 9/4/2021.

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