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Why The Mac is Apple’s Most Exciting Product

Why The Mac is Apple’s Most Exciting Product

Apple Inc. is the world’s biggest tech company by market value. According to Forbes magazine, the company is valued at over $2 trillion, and sales and revenue are expected to grow massively over the next few years.

Why The Mac is Apples Most Exciting Product

Apple was established in 1977 by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs and has undergone a few rebrands and transformations. Through all these, it has remained a market leader, seeing off stiff competition from Microsoft, Samsung, Alphabet, Facebook, and Amazon, other major players in the tech space. The company sets trends and benchmarks that its competitors either imitate or try to buck, often unsuccessfully.

Like its competitors, Apple has had its share of hits and misses. But unlike many of them, its repertoire includes an incredible collection of absolute hits.

The company produces software and hardware, and it provides other services that are widely used around the world. Over the past two decades, it has created a wide portfolio of devices that combine state-of-the-art technology with sleek, elegant packaging. However, it is the integration of its products and services across product lines that has helped the company to transform the world of tech many times over.

Apple has built an entire ecosystem of software, hardware, products, and services across all of its platforms, and this has driven its growth massively. For example, you can start working on a presentation on your iPad or Mac and switch to your iPhone when on the move because all three devices run the Apple iWork suite. While there are some drawbacks to this, Apple has done a great job of keeping the user experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, which helps it to retain customer loyalty.

Some of Apple’s best-selling products over the years are listed below.

  • iPhone
  • iWatch
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • AirPods
  • Mac


The Mac and Its Transformative Effect on the PC Market

Arguably Apple’s biggest triumph and the key driver of its extraordinary growth over the past decade and a half, the iPhone is the most successful consumer product of all time. The iPhone’s earliest iteration had base specs that were ahead of its time when it was released in 2007. However, those specs look positively archaic when compared to the ones present in the iPhone 13, Apple’s newest release, which is the best consumer smartphone on the market now.

Nonetheless, Apple’s other golden child is the Macintosh computer, popularly known as Mac. Before the Mac, Apple’s first attempt to make a graphical computer birthed the Lisa, but it was prohibitively expensive. The first Mac was Apple’s version of what a mass-market computer should be. It came replete with a graphical user interface and mouse, and it was specifically designed to be used by regular people. With the Macintosh, Apple paved the way for regular people to adopt computer technology, and it was described as an “insanely great” product by Steve Jobs.

While Microsoft is Apple’s main rival in the PC market and PCs running the Microsoft Windows operating system make up a large majority of the computer space, the Mac has built on its initial promise and drawn millions of people into the world of personal computing. Macs have transformed across several iterations, and the Mac brand is now one of Apple’s best-selling products.


Key Features of an Apple Mac

The macOS X is Apple’s proprietary OS that runs on all of its Mac models. Each Mac model is specially designed to cater to different needs and is equipped with different specs. Macs can do many of the same things that PCs do, including word processing, playing music and videos, games, and browsing the internet, among other things. However, many of its features require distinct programs, dissimilar to those on a PC.

The current Mac lineup ranges from professional tower machines to desktop and laptop computers. The iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, and Mac Mini are the major offerings, and they cater to different segments of the market.

While the Mac Mini does not have a monitor, the MacBook range of laptops includes the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. In the iMac, the computer is built into a screen. The Mac Pro machines are the most powerful and expensive options out there.

Some of the Mac’s USPs are:

  • Excellent build quality and hardware compatibility
  • Outstanding aesthetic quality
  • Smooth, enjoyable user interface and experience
  • Seamless integration with other Apple devices and across Apple services
  • Top-level software security

apple 2021 mac range

Why The Mac is THE Product To Beat

Apple leads the pack when it comes to innovation, and only a few computers can compete with its Macs. The very best MacBooks and Macs combine their svelte, lightweight designs with astonishing processing capabilities and incredible amounts of power. When the company decided to switch from Intel processors to its in-house processors similar to the ones used in the iPhone and iPad, it released the M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max SoC chips.

These chips and other improvements in the Mac lineup have redefined the scope of computer capabilities, expanding them beyond previously unattainable benchmarks. The user experience is more streamlined, the design is top-notch, and user engagement and sales numbers are soaring. The release of the new generation Mac computers is a major step forward for Apple’s brand reputation and its users.

For all of their obvious features and benefits, Mac computers have their troubles too. To start with, they are more expensive than PCs in a similar class. Another drawback is the limited amount of available software, especially as they can only run apps that are available on the Apple Store. Like iPhones and iPads, Macs are notoriously difficult to modify to your tastes if you want to do so.

A Mac computer is a great choice for you, whatever you’re looking for in a computer. Whether you need to handle some video editing and music production, or you’re looking for a portable, all-purpose computer for college, there is a Mac that suits your needs. Apple takes no prisoners with its products, and every single one of its offerings is impressive in its way.



Written by The Original PC Doctor on 27/1/2022.

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