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Top 5 Apps for Dog Owners for 2020

Top 5 Apps for Dog Owners for 2020

Human beings, dogs, and pets have a relationship that spans many centuries. For years, the dog and cat have evolved into the man’s best friends. They help keep each other company at home or when doing leisure walks around the community.

top 5 apps for dog owners 2020

top 5 apps for dog owners 2020

In many cases, pets, especially dogs, are security agents and life assistance aids for the visually handicapped. In any sober analysis, pets increase happiness and value in the life of people.

In maintaining a long-lasting relationship, people are using technological insight to develop apps that help in parenting the pet companions. The uses of the apps range in size, application, and prize. In this space, we will endeavour to sensitize you with the best five apps for dog and pet owners in 2019. These apps are readily available on online platforms. You can download or buy a gadget with utmost surety.

  1. FitBark

Best for Monitoring Dog Activity and Fitness

The FitBark dog activity monitor is an app that allows you to track dog activities throughout the day. The gadget sits on the collar of the dog. In proving its capabilities, several clinics, including practitioners at Mayo Clinic, are using this monitor for fitness. With a battery life of size months, you have a better partner in monitoring your partner. It is adjustable and fit any dog, is light, robust, and waterproof.

It helps you address the physical and psychological progress of your dog. You can detect early signs of stress, discomfort, and mobility impairment. It records the sleeping patterns and daily mental activities of your dog. Additionally, the activity levels of your dog can be an accurate indicator of the variations of stress levels. It monitors and records early signs of skin irritations and other allergic reactions.

By having daily reviews, you can detect and preempt any strange characters in your dog. When visiting your veterinarian, this information helps the animal doctor when he requires some data. This monitor helps in keeping the behavioural and health history of your canine partner.

  1. Wag

Best for Dog Walking

Wag is a technological platform that connects your dog with anyone who wishes to walk with it. This is not as simple as it seems. Several conditions of vetting are in place. In the first place, Wag helps you to have a routine dog minder to walk and exercise it in your absence. It allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your pet through a GPS connection.

By engaging Wag, you are employing someone to walk around with your dog. It helps your pet be healthy. Again, you have the peace of mind that in your absence, your pet friend will not be anxious. The process is simple; you go on the online platform and seek a dog walker. The app gives you the available options for dog walkers. While safety is paramount, dog walker suppliers have a rigorous vetting system that gives you the best pet walkers in the market.

  1. Chewy

Best for Purchasing Dog Food

It is the best app that pets can have around. The irony is while it serves the pets well, they cannot operate it. This app gives the owner access to order food from over 1,000 outlet brands. Ideally, it serves as the supermarket of pet food suppliers and consumers. You are at liberty to solicit for anything you need. It comes with a host of features to help you have a lifelong purchasing experience. For instance, you have recommendations for the toys and food for the breed of your pet.

Using the application is simple. You can buy what you need or seek recommendations. Then you set your package for purchase. Once you purchase the items, your delivery will take approximately two days or less. You can also customize deliveries by a constant interval. You will save yourself time and money. Buying in bulk helps you save on fluctuating online prices.

  1. Barkhappy

Best for Finding Dog-Friendly Outings

This online app is your best option for your pet when discovering your neighbourhood. It provides you with several options to help your dog fit in quickly. The first thing to help you is the map of dog-friendly spots. These include hotels, parks, restaurants, and social places that have dog-friendly policies. You have alerts on the upcoming dog events around your region. You can have your dog go with a wag walker.

You can connect with dog lovers within your area. With profiles of most dog owners around you, you can organize regular meetings for familiarising your pets. In the event of loss, you have the choice of creating an alert on the app. The details and photos of your pet will circulate through the neighbourhood. Lastly, it connects and cements a close community of friends.

  1. Pet First Aid

Best for Pet Emergencies

You never know when an emergency will strike your pet. This can be food poising, panic attacks, heat waves, and fractures. Pet First Aid is an app that details all the standard conditions, common emergencies in pets, and how to deal with them. In addition, you have periodic training about handling your pet. With a period of training, you slowly turn into a domestic vet.

Most importantly, it has a feature listing all the clinics, animal centres, and vets available near you. Like in humans, the American Red Cross emphasizes the safety of pets. By partnering with this app, you are securing a safe environment for your pet and the handlers, including yourself.


Having elaborate measures of care for your pet enhances the bond between the two of you. The technology around us is helping actualize that. If you are a pet parent, you need to single out your needs. It is the need and financial budget that will dictate your purchase. With the five best apps for dog owners above, we believe that you have one that suits your needs. If not, you may use the guide to narrow your preference.


Written by The Original PC Doctor on 07/01/2020.

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