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Top 10 Best Motherboard Manufacturers

Top 10 Largest Motherboard Manufacturers in the World

The motherboard performs as the heart of a computer linking all its peripherals and components. We can call it the conduit of the computer that plays the core and the most significant role. Neither of your components will operate optimally if your motherboard is underperforming.

Top 10 Best Motherboard Manufacturers

Top 10 Best Motherboard Manufacturers

Therefore, to get the most out of your internals, invest in the best motherboard you can. You should purchase the motherboard from a reputed and reliable motherboard manufacturer to boost your PC performance and fast overclocking.

If you are confused about the best motherboards out there, we’ve put up this article with our top selections to assist you in picking the appropriate motherboard manufacturer for your requirements. And that is why, whatever the condition, you get to choose one that will help to improve your computer rather than obstruct it.

The Top 10 Largest Motherboard Manufacturers in the World are listed below:





ASUS represents the well-performing motherboards in the industry, dominating all most other brands on a global scale. This Taiwanese multinational computer and hardware and electronics manufacturer has become one of the leading motherboard brands in 2022.

Given ASUS’s stellar reputation for manufacturing excellent motherboards, you’ll need to pay more than you expect to reap the full benefits of its high-tech functions. It may not be cheap, but it is definitely worth the price tag.

  • Revenue: NT$412.8 billion (2020)
  • Brand country: Taiwan
  • Founded: 1989
  • Headquarters: Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan
  • Employees: 14,700 (2020)

Key products and services

ASUS develops the most advanced overclocking features with top-notch performance. Their products are laptops, desktops, mobile phones, networking gear, projectors, monitors, motherboards, graphics cards, optical storage, netbooks, multimedia items, peripherals, gadgets, servers, workstations, Wi-Fi routers, and tablet PCs.


2. MSI


This Taiwanese multinational information technology corporation came second on this list due to its fame as one of the best Intel motherboard manufacturers with significant advantages. MSI has a solid track record of excellence that is outlined through the development and manufacturing of computer motherboards and graphic cards. High-tech motherboards may cost a fortune, but if your computer is fueled by something like the MSI, you can pretty much count on it to deliver incredible performance.

In addition to manufacturing some of the most popular motherboards in the world, MSI also provides other types of computer hardware, as well as affiliated products and services, such as laptops, desktops, motherboards, graphics cards, All-in-One PCs, servers, PC peripherals, and products for automobile navigation systems.

  • Revenue: NT$201.8 billion (2021)
  • Brand country: Taiwan
  • Founded: 1986
  • Headquarters: Zhonghe, New Taipei, Taiwan
  • Employees: 2,672 (2020)

Key products and services

With a multi-GPU support service and an E-ATX form factor, MSI has up to now launched its best model, the MSI MEG Z790 ACE. The MEG Z790 ACE is armed with unique dual pump PIN headers to meet the requirements of various water cooling solutions and is built to accommodate the most popular All-In-One & customised water cooling solutions on the market.

You have total control over the water pump speed owing to the dedicated pump PIN header, which supports up to 3 amps. It supports the overall system with phenomenally positive traits. In the real sense, we’d also go on to claim that this may be the greatest Z790 board available at the moment now due to its outstanding thermal solutions, incredible overclocking capacity and ability, memory, and graphic card at the highest level.


3. Intel



Intel is one of the leading semiconductor and motherboard manufacturers around the globe. In 2022, Intel is the most widely used and one of the top motherboard manufacturers worldwide. Intel can be a proper choice for CPU mainboards for rock-solid intensity. They manufacture motherboard components that are extremely reliable and standardised with precisely measured components.

  • Revenue: US$79.02 billion (2021)
  • Brand country: United States
  • Founded: July 1968
  • Headquarters: Santa Clara, California, USA
  • Employees: 121,100 (2021)

Key products and services

Intel manufacture chipsets, memory support, Bluetooth, onboard audio, Wi-Fi, and other specific components that are present in most advanced motherboard. They also provide other products and services such as flash memory, mobile phone chip, modem, solid-state drive, and vehicle automation sensors.


4. Gigabyte Technology

Gigabyte Technology


Gigabyte Technology, another Taiwanese company, stands in fourth place on this list. This company is dedicated to making the optimum satisfying motherboards and produces more motherboards compared to any other company in the world. They offer competitive performance without draining your wallet.

  • Revenue: NT$84 billion (2020)
  • Brand country: Taiwan
  • Founded: 1986
  • Headquarters: Xin Dian District, New Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Employees: 2,672 (2020)

Key products and services

To reflect its values, Gigabyte Technology proudly presents its top-of-the-line GIGABYTE Z690 Gaming X motherboard for gamers worldwide. This motherboard has an excellent appearance, an ATX form factor, Q-Flash Plus functionality, and an LGA1700 socket capacity.

The GIGABYTE Z690 Gaming X may not have any eye-catching new features, but if you’re an Intel lover looking for a new motherboard in the affordable range, it’s unquestionably a solid option.

The brand provides a hell of a lot more other products and services, such as air cooling, computer cases, computer peripherals, graphics cards, notebooks, power supplies, server hardware, and smartphones.


5. ASRock


ASRock is expected to develop the best motherboard chipsets, given its standing as one of the biggest manufacturers of motherboards. It is a Taiwan-based electronics company that specialises in the production of industrial PCs, home theater PCs, as well as computer motherboards (HTPC). This brand provides multiple important and really practical components in the motherboard to keep it accurate and compact. ASRock is a reliable company with high-tech attributes.

  • Revenue: NT$17.91 billion (2020)
  • Brand country: Taiwan
  • Founded: 2002
  • Headquarters: 11265 Taipei, Taiwan
  • Employees: 501-1000

Key products and Services

If you’re trying to build an intel Alder Lake-based system on a budget to buy other parts, ASRock’s Z690 Extreme Wi-Fi motherboard is a great pick.

Furthermore, ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X is an AMD Premium X570 chipset and an ATX form factor. You will not regret going with the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X if you’re thinking about an AMD setup for the computer you’re building. With its outstanding feature set, appealing design, and highly efficient cooling system, this motherboard is currently the finest choice for AMD fans. It’s undoubtedly a favorite amongst overclockers, and it also supports Wi-Fi 6.


6. Acer Inc

Acer Inc


Another international hardware and electronics company based in Taiwan, Acer strives to outperform rival companies in motherboard production. Acer specialises in cutting-edge electronics technology. It landed on the sixth spot on this list of the top ten motherboard manufacturers. Consequently, the brand also produces the highest-quality motherboards with many outstanding features.

  • Revenue: NT$277.1 billion (2020)
  • Brand country: Taiwan
  • Founded: 1 August 1976
  • Headquarters: Xi hi, New Taipei in Taiwan
  • Employees: 7,500 (2020)

Key products and services

The Acer motherboards deliver superior efficiency with a decent overclocking speed. Each component has been made with strict testing procedures, including RAM type, slots, drive interface, and everything else. Other than motherboards, they also manufacture laptops, desktops, Chromebooks, tablets, monitors, projectors, smart devices, and accessories.


7. Biostar



A Taiwanese company called Biostar creates and manufactures a wide range of computer hardware products. The motherboards from Biostar are just as good as any other model with top-notch features. Since the company is working diligently to ensure its position at the forefront, it has so far established itself as one of the top motherboard producers company worldwide.

After getting down to the nitty-gritty of the Top Motherboard Companies in the World, now you may make a purchase that meets your requirements. Make a wise choice while buying this critical part of the modern PC as it is necessary to keep your computer functioning.

  • Revenue: US$96 Million
  • Brand country: Taiwan
  • Founded: 1986
  • Headquarters: New Taipei, Taiwan
  • Employees: 1,001-5,000

Key products and services

The most recent Z790 model from Biostar was developed with ATX form factor with complete optimal capability for the 12th/13th generation Intel Core processor. The VALKYRIE and SILVER variants are on fire in the motherboard business kudos to their increased overclocking performance, sturdy dependability, and durable construction. Additionally, it offers the most affordable mobo with favorable traits.

For AMD processors, X670E VALKYRIE might be a wise choice which supports Ryzen 7000 series processors as well as DDR5 Memory. Purchasing this motherboard for your CPU would be a comfortable experience.

This brand offers and manufactures a broad range of computer hardware items, such as VGA, SSD, keyboard/mouse accessories, and DIY PC.


8. HP

1200px HP logo 2012.svg


HP develops the finest motherboard in the industry, trying to keep pace with its production of computers. The HP motherboards are more competent and can handle practically any issue your computer may encounter.

  • Revenue: US$63 billion (2021)
  • Brand country: United States
  • Founded: 1 Jan 1939
  • Headquarters: Palo Alto, California, United States
  • Employees: 51000 (2021)

Key products and Services

The HP Z400 workstation motherboard has so far performed admirably. Several extension slots, such as Gen3 PCIe x4 and 16, M.2 sockets, and others, are available. The optical SPDIF connector, Ethernet, HDMI out, and monitor line on the rear I/O gives the optimum performance. The twin-channel memory layout also makes a significant contribution to the overclock’s efficiency.


9. Dell



Since its inception, the Dell Company has indeed been acknowledged as the greatest motherboard manufacturer. The company has created a motherboard that has been updated and includes some impressive excellent features.

  • Revenue: US$101.6 billion (2022)
  • Brand country: United States
  • Founded: 1984
  • Headquarters: Round Rock, Texas, United States
  • Employees: 165000 (2020)

Key products and services

The Dell motherboards typically possess 16 expansion slots and PCI Express1 slots. The motherboards provide an outstanding return on your purchase thanks to their DDR5 SDRAM memory type. The Dell motherboard is an excellent choice for your computer in terms of everything from the form size to SATA ports or SSD slots.


10. Sony



Sony is also regarded as one of the world’s best motherboard companies to get the most value. Sony Vaio motherboard has exceeded expectations among all of their developed motherboards.

  • Revenue: US$81.38 billion (2021)
  • Brand country: Japan
  • Founded: May 1946
  • Headquarters: Sony City, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
  • Employees: 109700 (2020)

Key products and Services

The Sony motherboard features the ATX form factor. The motherboards have undergone thorough testing using the SATA hard disk interface. The HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, and USB connectors on the Sony motherboards are made with AMD chipsets. Every feature provides solid performance and seamless connectivity. The Sony motherboards are fantastic with this type of integrated graphic card.



After getting down to the nitty-gritty of the Top Motherboard Companies in the World, now you may make a purchase that meets your requirements. Make a wise choice while buying this critical part of the modern PC as it is necessary to keep your computer functioning.



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Written by The Original PC Doctor on 29/10/2022.

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