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The Smartest Way to Use Google Maps When You Are Walking Alone

The Smartest Way to Use Google Maps When You Are Walking Alone

Google maps have become an app used by a vast number of people. You using google maps could mean that you are lost, or you have possibly taken a wrong route, and you need to re-route; google maps could also be used by strangers in a foreign city who want to get around without getting lost or need help getting somewhere through a shorter route.

The Smartest Way to Use Google Maps When You Are Walking Alone

Moving around in a foreign city or at night could be risky, especially when alone, and you can easily get lost. A higher risk is involved, especially when touring a particular city on foot. In order not to attract strangers to you and not to appear lost while getting to your location with google maps, we have taken out time to come up with smart and safe ways to use google maps without attracting people with ulterior motives. Read on to find out more.


Making your Google Maps vibrate

If you are in a position where you might be scared to use your phone so it doesn’t get stolen, you would simply like to avoid using your phone while walking alone. Google maps have a vibration option, which can help you navigate without bringing out your phone.

All you need to do is study and set out a vibration pattern to alert you when it’s time to take a left or right turn or inform you that you have arrived at your destination.

Vibration patterns could be:

Left  Turn:  Long buzz, short buzz, short buzz

Right Turn: Short buzz, long buzz, long buzz

Arrived at destination: Long buzz

Once you get the hang of the vibration pattern, you will never need to look at the app when you need to turn. This feature is available on both Apple and Android products; just make sure your app is updated.


Downloading Google maps on your smartwatch/Apple watch

If you own a smartwatch or an Apple watch, that is a great advantage. Watches like this were made as a substitute for your phone, and they come in handy in scenarios like this.

To use google maps safely without attracting any attention and ensure you confidently get to your destination, you can easily install google maps on your watch, input your destination, and approach your destination.

While using your watch, you can completely turn down the audio or make it low just for your hearing. You can then look at your watch regularly while focusing on the road and maintaining confidence. It would appear to a stranger that you are constantly checking the time.

watch google map

Muting your google maps app completely

Muting your app might be a good idea if you don’t feel comfortable with a voice giving you directions, especially at night, or you don’t seem to understand the vibration patterns. Once you have muted the app, you’ll have to bring out your phone occasionally or, better still, hold it to help you navigate.

Ensure to reduce your phone brightness to reduce attention. This method is safe as long as you put up a look that shows you know your surroundings.


Use your headphones, earphones, or AirPods

Taking earphones or wireless headphones could be used to your advantage when you need to use google maps without appearing lost. This method allows you to hear directions from the app without looking at your phones. The directions are often accurate, and you might not need to access your phone until you safely get to your destination.

This method is quite safe because it may appear to a stranger that you are listening to music or perhaps a podcast. You can also voice out a bit, so it might seem like you are on a call. Anyone who’s trying to take advantage of your situation might be discouraged. It works for people comfortable wearing earbuds, but you might want to switch from muted to alerts only or unmuted.


Sharing your location

Sharing your location might just be another safe way to use google maps. You can easily share your location on the app with friends that stay close by, so they can easily monitor your whereabouts and prevent unforeseen circumstances.

This way, you can confidently use your map without muting it, and rest assured that you can easily be tracked.



Exploring a new city can be fun, and it can also be dangerous in scenarios where you have to get around at night to have fun. In this article, we went through safe methods to help you navigate while using google maps.

These methods have proven effective, and you can use any of them when you need to get around.




Written by The Original PC Doctor on 9/5/2022.

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