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The Next Generation of Computer Viruses as Predicted by Futurists

The Next Generation of Computer Viruses as Predicted by Futurists

Computer viruses tend to have a more “virtual” effect on us, as compared to being a “physical” one. After all, you only tend to lose what is present on your PC and aren’t harmed in the real world. Under the guise of a virus attack, hackers tend to steal your data, files, personal information, or the bank accounts in the worst possible case.

The Next Generation of Computer Viruses as Predicted by Futurists

Credit: Pixabay

But, if futurists are to be believed, we will soon find ourselves in a dystopian world where all our Sci-FI horrors would come to life. Even our personal electronics would try to target us, in an attempt to procreate bodily harm! Mentioned here are some such viruses, and many more that may change the face of technology, as we know it today. And create something starkly different.

Viruses on Shared Computing Systems

The first slew of predictions predicts that future viruses may be able to morph themselves into more sophisticated forms. Such a change in their basic skeletal structure would lead to an intricate formation, and also a higher hit tendency. They would now be able to target a wide array of computers connected to a host server, this would be a far cry away from targeting one computer.

Viruses in AI

Let’s be very clear, the dystopian future as predicted by Sci-Fi movies may actually become a reality. But, it may be a completely different reality. We wouldn’t be a slave to robots, we would be a slave to our gadgets. Since most of the futuristic robots would be controlled by such gadgets, viruses fashioned to attack such gadgets may also control the robots that are bound to it!

Hence, we wouldn’t have robots controlling us, but viruses created by humans controlling us. Ironical, right?

Viruses in Electronic Appliances

With the onset of IOT ( Internet of Things), more and more electrical appliances are getting connected to each other. Such appliances could be easily controlled by either your smartphones or PC. This has made life a lot easier for hackers, as all they need to do is create a virus for the primal system. When in the future, if you see flickering lights and your refrigerator switching itself off, you would know who to blame!

Viruses in Human Brain

Human brains fitted with chips is the wildest of possibility, but with the rapid pace of development that the world has seen over the years. This geekily crafted story may soon become a reality ( not so soon, though, don’t be overly excited yet! ) But, as is common with anything sporting a computer, or is controlled by a computer. These semi-humans, fitted with such chips, would be vulnerable to an unending array of attacks by such online goons ( Euphemism: hacker ).

Imagine a world wherein President’s are controlled by automatons and not their naturalistic leniencies. Signing agreements and bills going from the utterly outrageous to highly condemnable like a nuclear strike. Spooky, right?

Computer viruses have always been a real threat, but if futurists are to be believed they would soon turn into a “real” threat. A threat that may dole bodily harm on us humans. If such a dystopian, far-flung world in a future is a possibility, then only god or very well built antiviruses may save us!

Written by The Original PC Doctor and posted on March 28, 2017.

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