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Mac or PC?

Mac or PC?

Choosing which computer to buy can be a tough choice. It would be helpful to draw a comparison for pros and cons list to help you to pick a Mac or PC to make a decision based around your needs.

Mac or PC

Both have advantages and disadvantages, and you will often find that a person who uses either a Mac or a PC will absolutely swear by it. Common PCs use Bill Gates’ Microsoft Windows as a platform for everything else, and a Mac is Steve Jobs’ Apple Company’s trademark computer.

So which is better?

A lot depends on the kind of things you wish to use your computer for, both computers come with their unique set of features, and it is hard to claim that one is universally better than the other. This article on Mac vs. PC pros and cons should help you get a clearer picture about the whole debate.

If you’re solely looking at comparing the number of users of both interfaces, Windows-based PCs win, since Apple computers were introduced after them. Some people even claim that Macs have conveniently stolen many ideas of the Windows interface, though they differ in appearance. Hardcore computer geeks will tell you that a Mac is far superior though, so how does one decide.


The Pros and Cons: PCs
A large number of people who use PCs worldwide must surely see something that appeals to them in these machines. The biggest advantage that PCs have over Macs in the Mac vs. PC pros and cons debate is the ability to build a computer from scratch keeping all your requirements in mind. You can choose the speed, the computer memory, the graphics accelerator and other hardware components that configure the machine, based on your tastes and preferences. This customizing factor is generally what drives people towards using a PC over a Mac. Adding the affordability of these machines, you can see why most people would prefer a PC. A Macbook with similar configurations would cost more.

The number of choices available in the PC world would also favour their use. Once you choose the brand of PC that you want, you can pick one out of hundreds of different choices available to you. On the other hand, Macs are available in only 6 different varieties. Software compatibility is another important factor.

When you compare both computer operating systems or study a Mac/Windows pros-cons list, you will find that PCs are always backward compatible. This is a major advantage that they have over Macs. New operating systems like Windows 7 can be run on an old PC, but Macs do not offer this benefit. For instance, Snow Leopard will not work on a Power Mac G5. This factor plays a major role when an individual is deciding between Mac vs. PC laptops.

Apart from this, PCs are better gaming platforms, they have many more compatible accessories, they are open source, they are easily upgradable, and it is easier to service them because so many people use them around the world. Most businesses also use PCs because of their ease and convenience factors.

Apple Mac

The Pros and Cons: Macs
Users of a Mac claim that people who really understand computers are always Mac lovers. To a certain extent, this is true since Macs have a far greater degree of computer security and use some highly advanced software for carrying out various activities.

This is a major factor to take into consideration while studying the Mac/ PC pros and cons, as the security of the computer against viruses and computer hacking is a very real danger that one has to face up to. Contrary to popular belief, Macs are far easier to use than what people actually believe. It is just a misconception that some people have that Macs are difficult to understand and use.

Apple Inc. tries to give its customers the most advanced software and support possible, the support is more detailed and highly responsive. Finding specialized tools that work for Macs is very easy, and moreover, Macs allow one to easily sync their iPods and iPhones with the machines. You will find many unique and innovative applications that can be used only on the Mac, and this is definitely a good thing, even though the total number of applications is far lesser than those available to a Windows user.  A Mac/PC comparison will also show you that the users of a Mac belong to an elite high-end market, and specialize in working with highly advanced software.

The concept that Apple follows is to service the premium share of the market, and not compromise on quality, even if this results in a lower market share. What this means is that with a Mac you are assured of quality and computer performance. An analysis of Mac users will show you that these are people who use their computers for advanced work involving visuals, graphics, sound and movies.

Both machines have their pros and cons, as mentioned earlier, it all depends on what the user wishes to use the computer for. To compare both and label one as better than the other would be a mistake, as each individual will have their own specific needs for owning a computer. The Mac vs. PC pros and cons debate will go on forever, but ultimately, it is the user who must decide.

Written by The Original PC Doctor on 30/11/2012.

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