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How to Travel after Coronavirus Quarantine – Planning Tips 2020

How to Travel after Coronavirus Quarantine – Planning Tips 2020

The coronavirus crisis will probably change the way we travel. If you are wondering, what as your vacation might look like? After all of this is over – of course. Here are our seven short tips on how to plan your trip during the quarantine.

How to TRAVEL after coronavirus Quarantine Planning Tips 2020

#7 Prepare multiple destination options for your next trip.

Start with creating a travel bucket list and choose multiple destinations based on your preferences. Watch YouTube videos, read travellers’ blogs and watch documentaries on possible destinations you want to visit etc.

When you are making a list, do make them based on factors such as how healthy or risky the country you are planning to visit is. Keep on checking the WHO website, the Coronavirus tracker and life updates to see which countries have the best preventive measures, etc. If you are unsure, then you can opt for destinations that are less crowded places such as ample nature, less crowded towns, and cities. A visit to a national park would be a good example but do check if there is good medical infrastructure in place or in the region you’re travelling to so it would be good in case if you get sick while you are there.

#6 – Book your trip with possible cancellation options.

Book your accommodation with free cancellation so that you can easily cancel to avoid the unnecessary cancellation fee. Always look at what the cancellation policy for your accommodation right or flight is. It might not always be easy to find the information about the cancellation conditions, so do take some time and read the fine print. You can even consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance. You might want to be on the watch for the best value and not necessarily the lowest prices. After the past crisis, many hotels would tend to offer a great price-quality ratio and packages for tourists to get them travelling again but be careful when booking, especially with unknown operators. Watch for scams. If you choose a well-known brand such as hotels booking providers or airlines, chances for them to go bankrupt are lower. Also, don’t forget to get the right travel health insurance.

#5 – Stay healthy

You need to be strong and healthy for your next travel so do eat healthily, take vitamins, drink enough and to sleep well—exercise and practice to build your strength and stamina. Check out this great website on 100 different ways to make your quarantine fun and productive such as dancing, learning calligraphy, take a bubble bath and drink wine and even to learn how to do a fishtail braid.

learn how to calligraphy

#4 – Plan to travel closer to your home.

Plan shorter trips would be wise so you can easily get back home. You can even take several shorter trips more often instead of making one big trip. Take advantage of long weekends and holidays. Plan to travel to neighbouring states or countries. So you are always able to come home fast by car or a short flight at most.

#3 – Don’t plan way ahead

Why is it not so good to plan that far ahead? Well, maybe in the summer, the coronavirus situation improves, but again it might hit hard again as SARS did with the second wave in 2003. Nobody really knows what will happen. That’s why it’s great to have several options ready, including several possible dates.

#2 – Take precautions while travelling

After this is over, here’s what you can do to stay safe and healthy during your travels. Always wash your hands properly every time you have a chance to, for example, after using a toilet but be careful not to touch the doors after you leave the restroom. Always bring hand sanitisers and the wipes when you go out so you can use them every time you touch something. For example, right after touching handrails, doors, surfaces on the metro, elevator buttons before you eat outside, etc. Remember that a lot of people have just touched that elevator button right before you and viruses can stay on the surfaces for days. Using wipes to sanitise surfaces that you’re about to use. Don’t touch your face. One of the main ways the virus spreads is when you touch your nose, eyes or mouth, use tissues or your sleeve when coughing and wear a mask, especially indoors and when you’re close to other people, don’t sit down while using the metro and tried to use the metro without holding at all just as some locals do but be careful, we don’t want you to fall, of course. Eat at the restaurants, fast food joints, and foot centres that have good reviews. Chances are they are way cleaner. Stay healthy, eat well, drink enough, take vitamins also during your travel, and get enough sleep. Also, know what the emergency number is for your destination.

wash hands

#1 – Don’t rush into taking your first vacation.

Wait until the authorities say it’s safe to go and then revisit your travel plan. If you’ve made a long enough list with many options, you’ll probably find a great place to visit.

Written by The Original PC Doctor on 5/5/2020.

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