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Australian Government Releases COVID-19 App and Messaging Service to Manage the Pandemic

Australian Government Releases COVID-19 App and Messaging Service to Manage the Pandemic

In an effort to stop the alarming spread of rumours and fake news, the Federal Government has released a WhatsApp message service and an app dedicated to COVID-19. Australians now have access to reliable info and guidance on the constantly changing pandemic.

Our Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that the Federal Government had spent $2.4 million on this project. It took two weeks for a group of experts from the company Delv to put the app together, while Facebook and Atlassian collaborated to create the messaging service.

Coronavirus Australia App

Get the latest official advice from the Australian Government with the Coronavirus Australia app.

The app is currently available for download on both Android and iOS and is free to use.

According to the Prime Minister, this is the most reliable and trustworthy app Australians can use on a daily basis.

Coronavirus Australia App

Coronavirus Australia App – stay informed on coronavirus


App’s Features

  • Register Isolation: Citizens can register their self-quarantine to help the Government get a clearer picture of the current pandemic.
  • News & Media: Reliable source of official information on current travel bans, restrictions, news, and updates released by the Australian Federal Government.
  • Advice: Adequate guidelines to get through the pandemic, including advice from different territories and states.
  • Symptom Checker: Citizens can check their signs and see if they are infected, all with the help of a Health Direct Service.
  • Current Status: The app features Bluetooth to register any devices nearby that have downloaded the app to track the infected individuals.

Before its release, the app was approved by the Department of Health. Since its initial release, the app has exceeded 400,000 downloads easily. Even though it doesn’t feature a tracing option, the majority of the Australian population has rated it a success.

The Prime Minister stated citizens could use the app to get direct health advice, any information they might need on the quarantine or other updates in a timely manner which it is the best way to use current technology, which can save lives.

app store google play


The WhatsApp Messaging Service

With the constant spread of misinformation, the Federal Government decided to take a step forward and build the WhatsApp messaging service.

The goal of the messaging service is to bring people together and help the community get through these difficult times.

The Government is committed to providing the citizens and community leaders with the support they need. With the messaging service, everyone can stay connected, including educators, health care professionals, local businesses, and governments.

Health care professionals can get valuable insight into their patient’s state. They can set up a fast response to any frequently asked questions. They can organise conferences from a remote location and inform their patients on anything of concern.

Educators can connect their students to the messaging service. They can receive or send assignments, update their lessons by sending voice messages, texts, etc. while businesses can make use of the service by updating and sharing their working hours with the rest of the community.

This will make deliveries and purchases a lot easier to deal with. They can also use the service to update their customers on their current inventory. This is very convenient for the people who like to limit their exposure to the virus and prefer to purchase the necessary supplies.

For local governments, the ability to stay connected with the entire community is a valuable asset. Not only can they use it to share correct information in a timely manner, but they can also rely on the service to better-coordinate the team. Responding quickly to common queries is one of the many things that it can be useful for.

Since WhatsApp messaging service came out, more than 290,000 people have used it, and millions of messages have been sent out.

To start – please click this link to get the trusted information.

Written by The Original PC Doctor on 02/04/2020.


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