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Apple Glasses for Comfortable Mixed Reality Experience

Apple Glasses for Comfortable Mixed Reality Experience

Apple Glasses is an augmented reality project from Apple. Rumour is rife, but there is nothing concrete on this project yet. Indications abound that the product may offer series of features for improved comfort, thereby setting it apart from virtually every other mixed reality display on sale out there today.  One of the principal features rumoured to be present in Apple Glasses is the brightness automatic adjustment feature.

Apple Glasses for Comfortable Mixed Reality Experience

Furthermore, sources in the tech market believe the project will equally feature an adaptive display, among several others. The adaptive display feature can gather physiological attributes from the eyes of the end-user using control circuitry; the information thus gathered can be used to accordingly adjust display brightness.

Additional expected features

While Apple Glass may feature series of functions, there seems to be no ambient light sensor in the product for detecting measurements for:

  • Eye openness
  • Pupil size
  • Blink rate

There is no clarity yet if this technology points to Apple’s VR or AR project since both projects are in the pipeline. Expectations are high that Apple’s VR project will arrive earlier than the latter. Even at that, tech market watchers strongly believe that the Apple Glasses can enjoy many of the features expected in the VR project.

Mixed reality headset users are burdened with the demand to carry out eye adjustments. Market watchers expect Apple to make corrections in the upcoming AR and VR projects so that the Apple Glasses can enable automatic eye adjustment for best brightness settings. When released for public use, the Apple Glass is expected to improve the overall comfort of the end-user. Furthermore, the technology is expected to promote energy saving.

Its power-saving ability is expected to be achieved by doubling the ambient light sensor towards diming certain areas of the mixed reality experience beyond the sight range of the end-user. Primarily, the ambient light sensor is being used for changing and tracking light levels.

inside apple glasses possibility

What else should we expect?

There are limited details available on Apple’s mixed reality project. Most of the reports already obtained conflate VR and AR. Consequently, it is difficult to decipher which of the two projects has specific features.

Despite the prevailing confusion, there is certainty regarding Apple Glasses’ capability to display information on the two lenses. It can equally be controlled by using user gestures in front of and on the frames.

Rumours also have it that the Apple Glasses can feature LiDAR tracking, which is similar to what obtains in autonomous vehicle development. Furthermore, it may feature 6 lenses, which may be a camera or optical glass lenses; we are not sure which type of lens it will be yet.

Its operation

On its release, whenever that will be, Apple Glasses is expected to run on the GlassOS or Starboard.  Starboard is a proprietary operating system absent in the final version of iOS.  Rumours have it that Apple is currently running tests on the application and activation of the project.  Even at that, the development is still at the foundational stage and may not see the light of day until years from now.

Indications are rife that Apple Glasses can transform virtually any surface into a touchscreen. This will make Apple Glasses the best patent coming from Apple yet and may also place it atop several other technology products across the globe.

Besides, Apple Glasses is expected to feature Apple’s rings designed to track movements of the hands and fingers, thereby improving the capabilities of the patent immeasurably.

New Apple Glasses rumours


Expected release date

Many expectant end-users desire that the Apple Glasses be made available for public use fast, but this is unfortunately unlikely. It may not be available until 2023 or even beyond.  Unverifiable rumors have it that Apple Glasses lenses have gone beyond the prototype stage and already at the trial production stage.

However, a different and more trustworthy report reaching us indicates that the project itself is still in its infancy. So, the chance of a debut in a couple of years from now is slim.  As a result, one can expect the Apple VR headset to become available earlier than the Apple Glasses; the former is expected to hit the market by next year.

Bear in mind that series of reports have it that the product may be released by 2022, but the report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman about the 2023 or beyond release date seems to be the most authentic considering the infancy stage of its development. In fact, some believe that it will not come up until 2025, while the earliest release date by market watchers is penned down to 2022.

Whatever the case may be, the Apple Glass will redefine the AR experience in the technology world. There may be limited information about the features, but it is certain Apple Glasses will be a futuristic product created with first-generation technology.

As mentioned earlier, the Apple VR headset is expected to hit the market before the Apple Glasses. When the former arrives, it is expected to compete with the Oculus Rift 2.

Whatever the case may be, Apple is expected to notify the tech world shortly before the release of the Apple Glasses. It is expected that members of the media will be present at such an announcement. So, you will be made aware too, before the product hits the market.

How much can it cost?

There is no clear-cut information in this regard, bearing in mind that Apple has not made any declaration about that.  Be that as it may, many tech market watchers believe that the price will be around $1,000.

charge apple glasses rumours

Apple VR vs. Apple Glass

As mentioned severally above, Apple is working on both the Apple VR and Apple Glasses. We also mentioned that the Apple VR is closer to launching than the Apple Glasses.  Both projects are expected to feature cinematic speaker volumes and ultra-high-resolution screens, thereby enabling realistic visual experiences. Some individuals have seen the prototypes and could confirm this report.

According to rumours, the headset looks like Oculus Quest but is slimmer than the latter.  It is equally fabric-swathed. Feelers from Apple indicate that the design is still a work in progress and can be modified by the company as they progress until an ideal fit can be achieved for most head shapes.


Written by The Original PC Doctor on 20/06/2021.

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