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9 Best Android Tips to Make Your Phone More Useful

9 Best Android Tips to Make Your Phone More Useful

Smartphones used to be expensive and sophisticated purchase. However, current technological improvements have slashed phone costs significantly; making people in all clusters afford them. Even better, the latest devices now come fully-fitted with a plethora of functions.

9 Best Android Tips to Make Your Phone More Useful

9 Best Android Tips to Make Your Phone More Useful

Sadly, most mobile users are “green” on exploiting their phone’s full potential. With that in mind, this guide sheds light on the best Android use practices – tips to help you have that 5-star experience.


#TIP 1: Your Phone as A Webcam

Webcams are like music. You cannot live without them, given they connect you with the outside world. Regrettably, having a meaningful conversation today over a shaky and blurry camera becomes a monumental undertaking.

Circumstances then force you to look for better options elsewhere. Fortunately, your Android’s in-built camera presents you with an inexpensive solution. All you must do is install DroidCam on your phone.

The free and premium version Google Play application turns your handheld gadget into a portable webcam instantaneously. You can then switch your attention to your PC, follow all prompts to facilitate that much-needed connection. Alternatively, you could install IP Webcam using a similar approach. It’s that simple!

android and the chromecast

Android – use your phone to watch TV via Chromecast

#TIP 2: Android and TV

How do you stream a live football match or TV show from your Android device to your television? It’s simple. Investing in the high-end Google Chromecast Ultra tool enables you to connect both TV and phone through HDMI. Better yet, the Amazon Fire Stick offers similar capabilities. You only need to cast the home screen to conform to the television specs.


#TIP 3: Phone as GPS Tracker

Ever found yourself lost in an unfamiliar space? You could use the ‘Find My Device’ feature on your Android to ping your location. After all, Google servers track your phone’s location every day using the service. You could then use the information gathered on the Google web interface to pinpoint your location.

In the same regard, security agents might use such stats to track you down after a disappearance or kidnapping. However, what happens when the built-in feature fails you? Installing the Lookout or Prey apps from Google Play Store can be a lifesaver. Although marketed as anti-spyware applications, the two third-party apps also double as superb trackers.


#TIP 4: Scheduled Text Messaging

Text messaging is, by far, one of the best communication features on today’s mobile devices. It links you up with the rest of the world. Unfortunately, texting can, at times, let you down, especially when you forget to message friends and business associates on time.

Regardless, Google Play Store provides you with over one dozen messaging options. Better yet, the service furnishes you with apps like IFTTT, Pulse SMS, and Do It Later, software that takes the day when it comes to scheduled messaging. Most importantly, some of the apps allow you to send timed messages to multiple users.

Android Airdroid file transfers

Android – Airdroid file transfers.

#TIP 5: File Transfer – Android to PC

The latest Android devices use sophisticated tech to offer users quality and value. Additionally, these gadgets provide you with a media storage platform. You can then use Bluetooth, cloud sync, or a USB cable to share files between the two devices.

But what happens when none of the tools above are beyond your reach? Apps like Pushbullet and AirDroid fill the void. They do so by initiating a connection within a specific Wi-Fi protocol. You could then share files – large or small after creating your account. Above all, some of these applications contain USB tethering capabilities.


#TIP 6: Expanding Phone Storage

All smartphones today contain significant internal storage. Sadly, our dependence on mobile applications overstretches the storage capacity provided by the manufacturer. A once usable device then becomes slow and sluggish.

Without any option left, circumstances force you to delete vital data from your phone. Fortunately, none of that has to happen. Here is why.

You could easily install an SD card into the memory card slot to expand your phone’s capacity. After that, you can move some of the applications installed to secondary storage. Alternatively, you could use the CCleaner to delete old and unused files from your phone to create more storage room.


#TIP 7: Data Saving

Does your mobile data tab overstretch your finances? Then the chances are that apps running in the background are draining your Mbs. So, what do you do when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place? It’s simple.

Activating background data restrictions should be your primary resolve. Even better, you could enable the Data Saver toggle. Most of all, you could use third-party solutions like NetGuard to limit data spending as well as firewall your device from connecting with public Wi-Fi networks. It all depends on preference!


#TIP 8: Battery Life Extension

Smartphones are our lifeline. They run our everyday operations, which is why a fully charged phone gets drained of its energy in hours. The lack of a backup system then grinds all your operations to a halt.

Fortunately, disabling your phone’s GPS tracker extends battery life. Additionally, you could conserve energy on phones with OLED screens by enabling the dark theme function. Finally, activating the background data restriction button improves speed and function. You gain more user time, too.

Airport mode - Android

Airport mode – Android

#TIP 9: Fast Charging

What do you do when you want to charge your phone fast? Do you stick by the wall socket, or do you carry a power bank with you? In all honesty, none of the above-listed approaches can work if your smartphone is operational. Bearing the above in mind, you must enable your phone’s Airplane Mode to disengage the network signal. Ideally, you could also switch the device off to juice it up fast.



Smartphones simplify our lives in ways unknown. Better still, they empower us to build business networks and healthy relationships. That said, you must learn how to exploit your phone’s full potential using the tips listed above. After all, they teach you about data management, storage expansion, automated messaging, power saving, and more. Hence, you must find what works for you best.



Written by The Original PC Doctor on 17/11/2020.

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