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8 Great Ways to Repurpose Your Old iPhone

8 Ways to Repurpose Your Old iPhone

Are you thinking of selling off your old iPhone you consider outdated and less useful? It might interest you to know that there are other ways to make your old iPhone worthwhile even amidst the newer ones hitting the market in a grand style. Have you considered repurposing the old iPhone? It is a good idea worth considering.

Your old iPhone is still capable of achieving some feats that will be of immense value to you. I am sure that after reading these proven and tested eight ways of repurposing your old iPhone, you will perish the thought of giving it out.

old iphone

Old iPhone

Below is a tested list of what you can do with your old iPhone:

1. Use it as a TV Remote
You can repurpose it as a remote control for your Apple TV or Fire TV stick in a situation when you misplace their own smaller remote controls. Rather than buying a new one, use your old device. Each service mentioned above has its own app. You can download it on your old device when connected to WiFi.

2. Use it as an E-reader
Exploring a large assortment of books on your primary phone might quickly drain your main phone’s battery. Instead, you can turn your old iPhone into a portable, pocket-sized library playing host to all your esteemed articles, books, and more. Whenever you decide to embark on a reading adventure, you can just reach out for your old iPhone. This ensures your primary phone’s battery lasts longer. All you need is to choose from a wide variety of E-reader Apps on Appstore like Nook, Overdrive, iBooks.

You can also use your old device to listen to audiobooks. Get an audible account and download that app and begin to listen to your interesting books. You take your old iPhone alongside you in your house or, better still, connect it to a Bluetooth speaker for a resounding literature time.

3. Use it as an emergency phone in your car or your house. 
Your old iPhone will prove incredibly useful in an emergency period. Your old iPhone will still dial 911 even if it is not activated. Keep your old phone in your car or a place in your house you can easily access such that you don’t get stranded to call for help in an emergency case when your main phone’s battery is dead. Always ensure that your old phone is fully charged. This is an excellent way to increase the chances that it will be alive in the time of pressing need.

4. A Dedicated Music Player
Typically, people don’t like the chances of being interrupted by text messages or phone calls while listening to songs or carrying out essential tasks on their phone. This is where the importance of your old iPhone comes into play. Whether you’re out in the heat of physical exertion or your office, your old iPhone can serve as a dedicated music player and other alarm functions. This will help you in no small measure to conserve your primary phone’s battery energy for other very vital services. This way, your primary phone will last long and look neat always. You can use it as a dedicated VR headset.

5. Browse the Internet While Connected to WiFi
This is a great way to make provision for an unforeseen situation in which your primary phone’s battery gets drained, making you lose connection with the internet world. Keeping your old iPhone fully charged will be your saving grace. With this, you might not have to worry about losing touch with the online sphere because your primary phone’s battery is dead.

6. A Good Supplement to Heavy Laptop and Tablet
You can use your trusty old iPhone as a tablet in a much smaller size. Moving a bulky laptop or tablet around makes them vulnerable, especially if your bag is quite small. On the other hand, your old iPhone can spare you the burden and stress. You can toss in a Bluetooth keyboard as an easeful way of carrying out a wide variety of great tasks from the comfort of your old phone. With a WiFi connection, you can use your old phone to connect with the outer world and even send messages and documents.

7. A Great Second Camera
If you are running out of storage on your primary phone as a result of large space gulped up by apps, huge picture files, and other things, resorting to your old iPhone will help you. It can be used as an excellent second camera – even older models like iPhone 4s can still capture 1, 920 x 080-pixel resolution video at 30 frames per second.

Delete redundant information to make room for new footage. In the same vein, you can also use your old phone as a baby monitor. You just need the Cloud Baby Monitor app on your old phone. Apart from video/audio monitoring, this great app can play lullabies and even your own playlist to help give your baby a lovely sleep. Again, you can also explore video and audio feeds from anywhere as long as your old iPhone is connected to WiFi.

8. Leave it on Your Nightstand
An old phone can carry out amazing tasks for you while leaving it on your nightstand. On that spot, it can serve you with some powerful functions, which include:

  • Bedside Clock: There are many useful apps out there, but “Disappearing Bedside Clock App” stands out. This app shows disappears after a chosen interval but appears again when you touch the screen or wave in front of the camera.
  • Dedicated E-readers: You have a wide variety of superb apps to choose from, including Nook, Overdrive, iBooks, etc. You don’t have to be limited to a single app. Explore for a better and satisfying lot.
  • Clock Radio: “TuneIn Radio” is an excellent choice. It plays host both to sleep-timer and alarm function.
  • Meditation Player: Buddlify is a good choice.
  • Alarm Clock: Here are great apps you might love to opt for like SpeakToSnooze. It features some soothing voice-control options.

Written by The Original PC Doctor on 16/12/2019.

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