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Top 7 Predictions from Sci-Fi Movies That Came True

Top 7 Predictions from Sci-Fi Movies That Came True

What we love about sci-fi movies is that they take us to the world of imagination where anything is possible. As a nice escape to the futuristic world, sci-fi movies showed just how far human creativity and imagination could go. When watching these movies, we often wonder how it would be like if some of those futuristic inventions came true. Well, many of them did.

Sci Fi Movies

Sci Fi Movies

Scroll down to see the most significant predictions from sci-fi movies that actually happened.


1.   Personalised advertising – “Minority Report” (2002)

Minority Report Advertising

You remember Minority Report, right? Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise, the movie is set primarily in Washington DC and Northern Virginia in the year 2054. In Minority Report, a specialised police department, PreCrime, arrests criminals before they even commit their crimes, and it’s all due to foreknowledge provided by psychics called precogs.

Characters in Minority Report live in a hyper-surveilled environment that is highly likely to be a reality for us all in the future. Many “inventions” from Minority Report came true already. For example, the movie features billboards that perform retina scans to identify passerby and target adverts towards them.

Personalised advertising is a reality today, as well. We see in the form of ads the internet targeted at you based on the things you’ve searched online or even mentioned when talking to your friends. This technology is appearing on billboards, too. Digital billboards are everywhere, and using sensors; they can collect information about passerby.

Besides personalised marketing, Minority Report also made other “predictions” that came true, such as driverless cars, voice-controlled homes, facial and optical recognition, gesture-based computing, and predictive policing.

2.   Space Travel – “Le Voyage Dans la Lune” (1902)

Le Voyage Dans la Lune space travel

Le Voyage Dans la Lune space travel

Le Voyage Dans la Lune (A Trip to the Moon) is a French adventure short film made in 1902, not a long after the camera was invented. For that reason, this is an extraordinary movie worth checking out. The 13-minute movie is a special effects-laden piece of work revolving around explorers who travel to the moon in a cannon-propelled space capsule.

Although the special effects may not seem impressive to you now, just take a moment to think about the time when the movie was made. It’s truly amazing, but it’s also worth noting the movie predicted something that seemed impossible at that time-space travel.

3.   Robots – “Metropolis” (1927)

metropolis robots

Metropolis is a German expressionist sci-fi movie dating back to 1927. This silent movie is considered the pioneering sci-fi film. Set in a futuristic dystopia, Metropolis follows the attempts of Freder, the rich son of a city master, and Maria, a saintly figure to the workers, to overcome the obstacles that set the classes apart in their city. They want to bring the workers together with the city master.

What’s special about Metropolis is that it features the first on-screen depiction of robots. Today, robots and artificial intelligence are an integral part of modern life, but back then, it was truly science fiction.

4.   Military drones – “The Terminator” (1984)

The Terminator drones

You’ve probably seen The Terminator on numerous occasions or, at least, you’ve heard a lot about it. Directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator is about a cyborg assassin who travels from 2029 back to 1984 Los Angeles to kill all women named Sarah Connor.

The Terminator is followed by a human Resistance fighter Kyle Reese who explains to a surviving Sarah Connor that her son will save the world from a nuclear disaster caused by self-aware computers. The war between humans and machines in the movie also included drones that fired weapons at soldiers. Several decades later, military drones weren’t just a special effect in a popular sci-fi movie, but a reality.

5.   Mobile phones – “Star Trek” (1966)

StarTrek mobile

Star Trek is one of the most popular television series ever. Generations of people have watched Star Trek and still consider it ahead of its time. Indeed, the legendary TV show depicted the futuristic world and life in space brilliantly. The show also influenced the future more than we even realised.

Before you think, “but Star Trek is a TV show,” it deserved the place on our list thanks to the movie called Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Both the show and the movie predicted the innovation of mobile phones.

In Star Trek, they used a portable communication device. The device, communicator, allowed two people to communicate directly or via the ship’s communication system. The form of a communicator changed several times. In Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: Original Series, the communicator was a hand-held device with an antenna that flips open. The wrist-worn communicators were used in the motion picture.

The unique design of a device that flips open served as an inspiration for developing Motorola.


6.   Smart home – “Demon Seed” (1977)

Demon Seed smart home

Demon Seed, based on the novel by Dean Koontz, is a sci-fi horror that revolves around a doctor who develops an AI program. The software turns out to be an instant success as it finds a cure for leukemia almost immediately. However, things go south from there. The doctor happens to be a fan of technology and even ensured his home is run by voice-activated computers. In the meantime, he completely neglected his wife. The newly developed AI finds a way to install itself in the doctor’s home and develops a crush on his wife.

Besides the interesting plot, the movie offered something else too – prediction of the rise of smart homes. Nowadays, it’s easy to sync up your devices with pretty much everything in your house. You can turn lights on and off, control door and window locks, manage alarm systems, and do many other things just by clicking a few buttons on your computer or smartphone device. Demon Seed offered us a demonstration of a smart home, but in a scenario where everything goes wrong.


7.   Self-driving cars – “Total Recall” (1990)

Total Recall self driving cars

Long before Minority Report, self-driving cars were a thing in Total Recall too. While generally speaking, 1990 isn’t that long ago, in terms of tech evolution, it truly is. Total Recall stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it’s a story about a construction worker who suddenly finds himself involved in espionage on Mars and unable to determine whether the experiences are real or caused by memory implants.

The whole movie is complex and takes you on a journey through a psychological problem, but it also includes self-driving cars. Today, self-driving cars aren’t just a movie prop. Prototypes for these vehicles are developed as we speak. Even Tesla has its own autonomous driving vehicle.



Science-fiction movies take us on a trip to space, the future, and different dimensions where the world is technologically advanced. Many of those tech innovations from movies and sci-fi TV shows came true. Our list featured seven marvellous examples, but there are many others. We can only imagine how the world will look like in the future or what predictions from sci-fi movies will come true. One thing is certain – human creativity has no boundaries. All these predictions and their development in real-life show us we should never stop dreaming and always strive to do something that nobody has ever done before.



Written by The Original PC Doctor on 7/12/2020.

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