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Top 3 Warning Signs You Need a New Keyboard

Top 3 Warning Signs You Need a New Keyboard

It’s impossible to do anything with a dead keyboard. You can’t enjoy your favourite games, research anything online, nor can you get any work done.

Some of these devices last more than ten years, but others will break just under three years of constant use. Of course, it’s impossible to predict when your keyboard will malfunction. But, you can replace it before it is completely dead.

If you know the tricks to replace the keyboard before it dies, you will have enough time to browse the shop for a replacement model and pick the one you like.

If you don’t want to get stuck with a faulty keyboard, here are three signs that mean you should get yourself a new one. Here is how you can recognize a faulty keyboard that is about to die on you at any time.

broken keyboard

broken keyboard

1.   Faulty Buttons or Cable

Most keyboards can handle a lot. You will be using them for years on end, depending on the quality you purchased. Compared to other more hidden problems, faulty buttons are just “out there” – they are hard to miss.

No matter how little you know about keyboards or devices in general, if the button doesn’t work or falls off the moment you touch it, it is a clear sign you need to get it changed.

Sometimes the buttons won’t be the only problematic parts; the cable might not work as well. If your keyboard does have a cable, this is something you should check. Sometimes a simple fix, like unplug and plug-in can help. But, if that doesn’t do the trick, then the cable is faulty.

Basically, anything that appears broken, whether it is the buttons, keyboard feet, or cable, could mean that your keyboard is holding on by a thread.

Note: If the buttons of the keyboard are rubbed off, that doesn’t mean the device is faulty. The keys could still be working even if it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing.

2.   Too Much Junk and Dust In Between

Keyboards work for years. They will be sitting on your desk every single day. For those who spend hours in front of the computer, it’s super easy to spill drinks, get some crumbs, or garbage all around the keyboard. With time, the dust and junk will pile up on the inside of the keyboard just as well as on the outside.

If you don’t clean it from time to time, all the junk and dust will cause the buttons to malfunction or stop working completely. It’s a good idea to flip it over, shake it off, and wipe it clean. You can also remove some of the keycaps, clean the inside, and put them back again.

But, do have in mind that it’s best to clean the keyboard with safe methods; otherwise, you risk breaking it. If it still doesn’t work after a thorough clean, you need a new one.

3.   No Response

Every device can get old – keyboards are no exception. If you notice that some of the keystrokes don’t get registered when used, then you have a problem. It means you will need a lot more force and pressure to get the keystrokes to work. So typing anything will become a hassle.

This is a typical issue for a keyboard that has been used for years. The more you use it, the more it will wear down.

Don’t forget to double-check if the lack of response is caused by junk, dust, or a broken piece. Physical problems such as these could be the cause of a lack of response. So, you want to make sure nothing is broken, and the device simply reacts slowly to a new command. If you spot the issue early, you will have plenty of time to work with it while you wait for the new one.

If you observe your device from time to time, you will get more familiar with all the possible problems you might encounter, and you will recognize the warning signs a lot quicker than you normally would. Catching any problem early gives you the opportunity to react on time and order a device before it starts to hinder the work you need to do.

Does your keyboard show any of these signs? What have you done to fix the problem? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


Written by The Original PC Doctor on 28/02/2020.

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