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Qarnots Smart Computer Radiators turn Data Flows Into Sustainable Heating

Qarnots Smart Computer Radiators turn Data Flows Into Sustainable Heating

We live in a technological era where technology is almost present in all sectors. The growth of tech has been spectacular, with inventions being made every day. The inventions mainly focus on better conservations of energy and incredible efficiency. Lately, an invention has been made with the aim of reducing the energy lost while cooling off computers. How does Qarnot’s smart computer work? And how can we use this technology to increase the efficiency of computers?

Qarnots Smart Computer Radiators turn Data Flows Into Sustainable Heating

Qarnots Smart Computer Radiators turn Data Flows Into Sustainable Heating

Computers are incredible machines that help us do complex tasks. However, as the computer runs, it tends to produce a lot of heat which is passed on to the surrounding. Therefore the heat is not utilised. But what if there was a way to tap this energy and make use of it. The revolutionary Qarnot tech company has developed a method to tap the energy then use it.

How Computers use up Energy

While computers tend to produce a considerable amount of heat while running, servers generate more. Servers take up huge rooms and carry out complex operations for people on a network. They can hence handle billions of operations concurrently. Gaming companies make use of these servers to run their games online.

Due to the many operations that a server handles, it tends to generate a lot of heat. Companies with servers require to use air conditioning machines to cool the temperatures down. The air conditioning machines use up a lot of energy. They tend to use up an estimate of 2.7% of the total consumption of electricity.

With the many changes taking place and digitalisation occurring, machines are only going to get more complex. That means that they will be producing more and more energy as the machines gain more power. Data centres are estimated to use up 3.2% of the total electricity consumption by 2030 in the European Union if this trend continues. However, this energy that goes to waste could be utilised in another sector.

Many people in the world use up electric energy for heating. Two-thirds of the energy produced in the EU is used to heat stuff. Fossil fuels, however, are still the main elements of producing heating energy; gas supplies about 45% of the energy. Most of these resources used, ranging from natural gas to coal, are not renewable. Therefore the more we utilise them, the more they get exhausted. The heat also leads to global warming due to the gases they produce that harm the ozone layer. However, all this could change due to this invention.

Qarnots Smart Computer Radiators and Crypto Currency Mining

Qarnots Smart Computer Radiators and Crypto Currency Mining

Using outsourced Computer Energy to Heat Public Housing, Schools, and Offices.

The Qarnot company has come up with a way to use the heat being emitted. They have developed a method whereby they can tap this waste energy and use it to warm houses. Using this method, the company ensures that the heat produced in computers does not go to waste. They also help save the planet by helping people cut down on carbon emissions. The cost of this energy is also relatively down. Hence you also get to save money.

Qarnot has installed these systems onto houses in Bordeaux, Montreuil, and Paris. The company has used its radiators in these cities to heat up schools, offices, and even social housings. The method hence works perfectly, not just by theory.

How the Machines Work

The company uses radiators that have computers that perform high-end IT operations embedded into them. The computers have incredible performance, and hence they tend to produce a lot of heat. The company then sets data to flow through the radiator instead of water to cool down the machines. Each radiator connects to the internet using fibre optics. The Users control the heat being produced by controlling the number of computations being done. When they require the radiators to produce more heat, they instruct the computer to do more operations. Vice versa reduces the amount of heat.

3D animations’ studio’s bank and other firms buy computing energy from Qarnot. They then outsource from several radiators instead of relying on large data centres for outsourcing. Data is encrypted as it goes through radiators, and none of it is stored. Therefore nobody can use the information, let alone access it, even the Qarnot company.

After the installation of the Qarnot equipment is complete, the other data heating stream costs are covered. Therefore residents who reside in the social housings can use the heat freely; Qarnot takes care of the electrical bill.

Qarnots’ has invented a special kind of water heater system to heat up water during the summer period. The computer-generated heat is used to heat water and can warm the water up to 60 degrees. Therefore it is not as efficient as a kettle. However, the water can be used in bathrooms to take hot showers.

QH1 Smart Heating Digital Boiler

QH1 Smart Heating Digital Boiler


What was once a flaw is now more of a benefit to humankind. With these new inventions, we can now push our servers to the limit and not worry about the heat generated.


Written by The Original PC Doctor on 29/07/2021.

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