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Pine Gap: Australia’s Top Secret Joint Defence Facility

Pine Gap: Australia’s Top Secret Joint Defence Facility

Pine Gap is a joint US-Australian intelligence facility located in the MacDonnell Ranges, about 23 kilometers southwest of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. It was established in 1970 under the terms of a secret treaty between the two countries.

Pine Gap Australia's Top Secret Joint Defence Facility

Pine Gap Australia’s Top Secret Joint Defense Facility

Pine Gap’s original purpose was to monitor Soviet missile launches and nuclear tests. However, its role has expanded over the years, and it now plays a vital role in US global intelligence gathering and surveillance operations.


Where is Pine Gap located?

Pine Gap is located in a remote and isolated part of Australia for several reasons. First, its location in the Southern Hemisphere gives it a unique vantage point for monitoring satellites and ground stations around the world.

Second, the dry climate and clear skies in the area make it ideal for operating sensitive electronic equipment. Third, the remoteness of the location helps to protect Pine Gap from attack and espionage.


Top ten facts you didn’t know about Pine Gap

  1. Pine Gap is one of the most secretive intelligence facilities in the world. The Australian government has never released any information about the base’s operations or capabilities.
  2. Pine Gap is home to a massive array of satellite dishes and other electronic equipment. These systems are used to collect signal intelligence (SIGINT) from satellites and ground stations around the world.
  3. Pine Gap plays a vital role in US global intelligence gathering and surveillance operations. It is used to monitor missile launches, nuclear tests, and other military activities around the world.
  4. Pine Gap is also used to monitor civilian communications, including telephone calls, emails, and internet traffic.
  5. Pine Gap is staffed by a combination of US and Australian personnel. The exact number of staff is classified, but it is estimated that around 1,000 people work at the base.
  6. Pine Gap has been the subject of numerous protests and demonstrations over the years. Critics of the base argue that it violates Australia’s sovereignty and that it is used to support US military interventions around the world.
  7. In 2013, it was revealed that Pine Gap was used to monitor the communications of Australian citizens. This revelation caused widespread outrage in Australia, and led to calls for the base to be shut down.
  8. Pine Gap is also rumored to be used to control US drones, which are used to carry out targeted killings in Pakistan and other countries. However, this has never been confirmed by the US or Australian governments.
  9. Pine Gap is off-limits to the public. Visitors, even Australian citizens, are not allowed to enter the base without prior permission.
  10. The future of Pine Gap is uncertain. The Australian government has not announced any plans to close the base, but it is possible that its role will diminish in the future as new technologies emerge.


How many CIA staff to Australian staff work at Pine Gap?

The exact number of CIA and Australian staff working at Pine Gap is classified. However, it is estimated that around 1,000 people work at the base.


Hot Rumours about Pine Gap

There are many rumours about Pine Gap, but it is difficult to know which ones are true and which ones are not. Some of the most common rumors include:

  • Pine Gap is used to control US drones.
  • Pine Gap is used to spy on Australian citizens.
  • Pine Gap is used to develop and test new weapons technologies.
  • Pine Gap is a secret CIA prison.

However, none of these rumours have ever been confirmed by the US or Australian governments.

Why we cannot visit Pine Gap

Pine Gap is off-limits to the public for security reasons. The Australian government does not want unauthorised people to have access to the base’s sensitive facilities and equipment.

What plans does the government have for the future of Pine Gap?

The future of Pine Gap is uncertain. The Australian government has not announced any plans to close the base, but it is possible that its role will diminish in the future as new technologies emerge.

Some experts believe that Pine Gap could eventually be replaced by a network of smaller, more mobile intelligence facilities. Others believe that Pine Gap will continue to play a vital role in US global intelligence gathering and surveillance operations for many years to come.

Check out the Netflix drama series on Pine Gap here.

Written by The Original PC Doctor on 4/11/2023.

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3 thoughts on “Pine Gap: Australia’s Top Secret Joint Defence Facility

  1. Richard Osborne

    I was at Pine Gap for Operation Delta in 1983. Rumours about its activities and role are not accurately depicted herein. One highly held curse about the place is the preponderance of venomous snakes that can be found all over the base, day and night! So much so, on the corners of each building is fashioned a stout piece of stiff wire for the purpose of killing any venomousreptile species that may’ve blocked our way! Pine Gap would have one of the best equipped PX facilities I’ve yet to see, on any Americal controled base.

    1. The Original PC Doctor

      Hello Richard,

      Thank you for sharing your experiences at Pine Gap during Operation Delta in 1983. It’s always intriguing to hear firsthand accounts from individuals who have been part of such significant operations.

      Your mention of rumors surrounding Pine Gap’s activities and roles is interesting. The facility has long been shrouded in secrecy, and perceptions can sometimes differ from the reality of its operations. I appreciate your perspective.

      However, I must admit that the presence of venomous snakes all over the base, as well as the use of stiff wire for snake control, seems surprising and not in line with the typical characteristics of military installations. Pine Gap is known for its role in signals intelligence and satellite-based surveillance rather than wildlife management.

      If you have any additional insights or if there are specific aspects of Pine Gap’s activities during Operation Delta that you would like to share, I’d be keen to learn more. It’s essential to sift through various accounts to gain a comprehensive understanding of historical events and locations.

      Thank you again for contributing to the conversation.

      Best regards,
      John Pititto
      Managing Director

  2. Rhiannon

    The pine gap facility was established based on trickery and it was administered by the Nazis from Operation Paperclip which made up the majority of ARPA (DARPA). Eisenhower rejected the initial ARPA group due to them being Nazis which is how Paperclip came about changing the identities of the Nazis after the WW2 and the Cold War.

    This is where ARPANET was invented or the internet. They are the ones controlling and censoring the internet by putting false numbers of views on YouTube which is a massive fraudulent scam in regards to selling domain names under an affiliate system. Censoring regions from information. Nelson Mandela dying in prison or after prison was one of their glitches. As Nelson Mandela is an actor in fact is the same person as Obama.

    Pine Gap is the entrance into Hollow Earth or Agatha. The reference to ‘pine’ is connected to the effects on the pineal gland where this is where the Aboriginal Dreamtime is derived from. The Original Australians are the longest living human race because they were able to enter into a subterranean environment.

    Due to the breaches of the Pine Gap Treaty Agreement that has been recently discovered in the UAP Unacknowledged Advanced Projects congressional hearings in Washington during the second half of 2023, Pine Gap being listed as a ‘black site’ a site that has gone rogue with no Presidential or congressional approval therefore operating under no constitutional law (illegal) is the grounds for the closure and deportation of all illegal aliens at the Pine Gape Facility.

    Original Australians need to claim native title on this land immediately as the military industrial corporational umbrella would want to take ownership of this land to protect their freedom and their bank accounts therefore will be trying to advocate a referendum to divide the nation.

    Victor Marcetti who is also playing Albanese was a fake American and traitor to our country said that he was involved in deceiving the Australian government into thinking that it would be an advantage for Australians to get involved in space exploration. But this promise was broken and it appears that they have completely corporatised and allowed for the companies to profit from the funding of the American people and not paying taxes in both countries. This is a complete rort of Australians and Americans. I bet that they charge the United States government the rent of the land but don’t pay it to the Australian government.

    Pine Gap will be claimed under Mabo Law and it will be free for all people. However, there is a lot to discover what has been done down in the DUMB Deep Underground Military Base.

    This is where the Nazi spacecraft that was reverse engineered would have been viewed by the Department of Defence for ARPA to be contracted by the United States.

    The treaty is void, it is breached. And the infiltration in the Australian government will be exposed.\

    Albanese and Dutton are father and son. Burney and Price are their wives and are fake Aboriginal people.

    And disclosure is inevitable.

    Love and light.


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