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NBN Troubleshooting 101 – Modem Lights On But No Internet

NBN Troubleshooting 101 – Modem Lights On But No Internet

The NBN has made our lives better and more convenient. We use the NBN internet for everything from making phone calls to watching our favourite TV shows on the television to shopping online from the comfort of our homes. People are starting to rely on the NBN internet more and more each day. Whether at home or at the office, an active NBN internet connection now plays a critical role in many Australians’ day-to-day functions they may conduct.

This makes a situation like NBN modem lights turning on without any internet access quite concerning. The situation may seem dire, but there are possible explanations for this scenario. By following our step-by-step guide, you can diagnose the problem and get your NBN internet connection back up.


1. Check The Lights Again

australian nbn modem

australian nbn modem

There are times where it might seem like all the lights are on, but you simply miss one. This is actually a common mistake. Thus, start by looking at the lights on your NBN modem again. There are usually a couple of lights that need to be on when the internet is working correctly.

Consider looking at the power light. This one needs to be on for any other lights to work. Then consider these lights too:

  • Downstream
  • Upstream
  • Online

The Downstream and Upstream light tells you that a connection has been made with the network provider. The Online light signals the fact that the NBN modem was able to establish an internet connection successfully.


2. Switch Off Your NBN Modem

When all lights are on, but you cannot use the internet, then switch off your NBN modem. It is time to recheck or cables and restart the modem. Sometimes, all it takes is for the modem to sync with the network again.

Simply look for the power button on the modem. It will usually be present in the form of a switch. Switch it to the off position. All lights on your modem will switch off.


3. Reconnect All Cables

Once your NBN modem is off, remove all cables from it. Now, check all the cables are there and reconnect them again. Make sure the power cord is connected properly. Ensure the cable that comes from your network box connects to the NBN modem, too – ensure you plug it into the correct port. This is a crucial step, as plugging this cable into the Ethernet port will not work.


4. Switch On Your NBN Modem

After reconnecting all cables, wait a few minutes before switching your modem back on. When it is time, press the power button again. Wait a couple of minutes for the NBN modem to power on. As the modem powers on, you will notice the lights mentioned above start to switch on too. Wait for all the lights to come back on before you try to connect to the internet again.

When you do a new internet connection test, be sure to make a direct link from your laptop or computer to the router. Use a network cable. This way, you can be sure to rule out problems with Wi-Fi.


5. Reset Router Settings

netcomm nf10 nbn

netcomm nf10 nbn

If none of the above work, then you should consider resetting the router settings. Every router has its own way of allowing you control over the device. Consult your router’s instructions manual. There will often be a browser-based control panel – you can check for your routers’s IP address and enter it into the address bar of your browser. This will usually bring up the control panel. Look for a “reset to factory settings” or “reset to default settings” option.

If these all fail, you may need to contact your ISP as the problem could be on their side. You can also consider getting a technician to assist in solving the issue.

NBN Troubleshooting 101 Modem Lights On But No Internet

NBN Troubleshooting 101 Modem Lights On But No Internet


When your NBN modem lights are on, but you cannot connect to the internet, it can mean a few things. Diagnosing and fixing this problem yourself is possible in some cases. There are, however, scenarios where the basic steps fail to work.

If you are in need of technical assistance, we have experienced technicians who can help to quickly and effectively diagnose your internet-related problems. Once the problem is identified, we will help to get you connected in as little time as possible. Contact us on 1300-723-628 to find out more about how we can assist you.

Written by The Original PC Doctor on 19/02/2022.

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