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How to type special characters on Mac?

There are three main ways to type special characters on a Mac:

1. Using Keyboard Shortcuts:

Many accented letters and symbols have dedicated keyboard shortcuts that you can use by pressing specific keys in combination. Here are some examples:

  • Acute accent (´): Hold down the Option key and press the corresponding letter key. For example, Option + E for é.
  • **Grave accent ()**: Hold down the **Option** key and press the **grave accent key** (), then the desired letter key. For example, Option + ` + E for è.
  • Umlaut (¨): Hold down the Option key and press the U key, then the desired letter key. For example, Option + U + A for ä.
  • Common symbols:
    • Copyright (©)Option + C
    • Registered trademark (®)Option + R
    • Degree symbol (°)Option + Shift + 8

2. Using the Character Viewer:

  • Open the Character Viewer in one of these ways:
    • Press Control + Command + Space
    • Click on Edit in the menu bar and choose Emoji & Symbols
  • A window will appear displaying various categories of characters and symbols.
  • You can browse through the categories or use the search bar to find the specific character you need.
  • Click on the desired character to insert it into your document.

3. Using the Input Menu:

  • This method works for adding accents to letters that don’t have dedicated keyboard shortcuts.
  • Hold down the Option key while typing the letter you want to accent.
  • A small menu will appear above the letter with various accent options.
  • Use your arrow keys to choose the desired accent and press Enter to insert it.

These methods should allow you to type most special characters on your Mac. For a more comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts and character codes, you can refer to the Apple Support article: https://support.apple.com/guide/pages/accents-and-special-characters-tanec2c2fdfd/mac

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