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Dodging Out: Saying Goodbye to the Dodo 3G, and Hello to Your New Internet Haven

Dodging Out: Saying Goodbye to the Dodo 3G, and Hello to Your New Internet Haven…

For many Australians, the dodo wasn’t just an extinct flightless bird, it was also a reliable, quirky internet provider. But just like its namesake, dodo is sadly taking flight one last time, with its 3G services shutting down in September 2024.

Dodging Out Saying Goodbye to the Dodo, and Hello to Your New Internet Haven

Dodging Out Saying Goodbye to the Dodo, and Hello to Your New Internet Haven

While we bid farewell to this familiar blue friends 3G network, the good news is, the internet won’t become an extinct luxury for you. Read on for a nostalgic look at Dodo’s journey and how to migrate smoothly to a new provider.


Dodo: From Quirky Startup to Aussie Favorite

Founded in 2003, dodo ruffled feathers in the competitive internet market with its playful brand, competitive prices, and focus on customer service. Remember those adorable little blue birds gracing billboards, chirping about “better value internet”? They quickly captured the hearts and wallets of many Australians, especially those seeking an alternative to the big players.

Dodo carved its niche with a series of innovative moves, like offering month-to-month contracts and prioritising customer support through 24/7 call centres and online communities. They weren’t just delivering internet, they were building a relationship, and many loyal customers stuck with them for years.


Time to Spread Your Wings: Moving to a New Mobile 4G/5G Provider

While the closure of dodos 3G network is bittersweet, it doesn’t mean you’re left stranded on the digital island. The good news is, there’s a vibrant mobile 4G/5G landscape out there waiting to welcome you. But with so many providers and plans, navigating the switch can seem daunting. Fear not, here are some handy tips:

  • Compare plans: Research different providers to find one that aligns with your budget, data needs, and usage patterns. Don’t be afraid to shop around!
  • Check for deals: Many providers offer attractive introductory offers to entice new customers. Keep an eye out for bundled deals with other services like mobile or streaming.
  • Read the fine print: Before signing up, carefully review the contract terms and conditions, including any hidden fees or exit charges.
  • Seek help: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out to customer service or use comparison websites that can help you find the best plan for your needs.


We’re Here to Help

While dodo may be leaving the nest, we’re here to ensure your internet journey doesn’t take a nosedive. If you need assistance with the transition to a new provider, our friendly team is happy to help. Give us a call on 1300 723 628 and we’ll guide you through the process, making sure you land smoothly on your new digital perch.

Remember, change can be exciting! Embrace this opportunity to explore new options and find an internet provider that perfectly suits your needs. And who knows, you might even discover a brand as charming and reliable as the dodo, just without the extinction drama. So, bid farewell to the blue bird with a smile, and get ready to soar into the exciting future of the internet!

Here is the official link on the dodo website!


Content Created on 19/05/2024 by
John Pititto
Managing Director
The Original PC Doctor

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