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AI, Sustainability, and the Metaverse: CES 2024 Highlights and What’s Next for Australia

AI, Sustainability, and the Metaverse: CES 2024 Highlights and What’s Next for Australia

Every year, tech enthusiasts, industry giants, and curious minds alike gather in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). But have you ever wondered how this massive spectacle came to be?

AI Sustainability and the Metaverse CES 2024 Highlights and What's Next for Australia

AI Sustainability and the Metaverse CES 2024 Highlights and What’s Next for Australia

While Australians won’t experience CES firsthand, the event is a valuable window into the tech trends that will soon arrive Down Under.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the fascinating history of CES.


The Early Days: Radios and Record Players (1967-1970s)

It all started in 1967 with a humble gathering of 17,000 attendees and 200 exhibitors showcasing the latest in radios, record players, and other home entertainment gadgets. Back then, it was known as the Winter Consumer Electronics Show (WCES) and took place in New York City.


Going Global: Expanding Horizons (1980s-1990s)

The 80s saw CES’s rise to international fame as it moved to Las Vegas and welcomed exhibitors and attendees from across the globe. The focus shifted towards computers, video games, and the burgeoning personal electronics market. Iconic products like the Sony Walkman and the Apple Macintosh made their grand debuts at CES during this era.


The Digital Age Dawns: A New Era of Innovation (2000s-Present)

The 21st century ushered in a new wave of technological advancements, and CES became the platform for unveiling groundbreaking products like flat-screen TVs, smartphones, smart homes, and even self-driving cars. The show’s reach extended beyond consumer electronics, encompassing healthcare, sustainability, and other important societal issues.


CES 2024: A Glimpse into the Future

Fast forward to 2024, and CES remains the world’s premier technology event. This year’s show, themed “AI for All: Connectivity in the Age of AI,” focused on the transformative power of artificial intelligence and its potential to shape various aspects of our lives. From smart homes that anticipate your needs to personalised healthcare powered by AI algorithms, CES 2024 offered a glimpse into a future brimming with possibilities.


Here are 10 Best of the Best showstoppers from CES 2024

With so many exciting innovations on display at CES 2024, narrowing it down to just 10 is no easy feat. But here are some of the most talked-about products that are sure to make waves in the coming year:

HyperX Cloud Mini Headsets

HyperX Cloud Mini Headsets – Tailored for younger gaming enthusiasts to provide comfort and safe sound experiences with volume-limiting capabilities to ensure a safer auditory experience. Available in both wired and wireless versions, both boast immersive audio, and a handy flip-to-mute microphone with multi-platform compatibilities.


Samsung Bespoke AI Refrigerator with Family Hub

Samsung Bespoke AI Refrigerator with Family Hub+ – This next-gen refrigerator features a built-in touchscreen display with a multitude of functionalities, including meal planning, grocery ordering, and even smart recipes that cook themselves in the connected oven.


Hyundai Seven Concept car

Hyundai Seven Concept car – This futuristic electric vehicle boasts a spacious, lounge-like interior with customisable seating, a panoramic sunroof, and a built-in projector for movie nights on the go.



LG OLED evo G3 TV – This stunning TV pushes the boundaries of display technology with its self-lit OLED pixels, improved brightness, and a virtually bezel-less design for an almost wall-to-wall viewing experience.


BMW's in car AI copilot

BMW’s in-car AI copilot: Buckle up for a personalized driving experience. BMW’s Dee concept car features a generative AI system that can adjust the car’s interior to your mood, preferences, and even tell you stories while you cruise down the highway.


TimeKettle X1 Interpreter Hub

TimeKettle X1 Interpreter Hub – The X1 AI Interpreter Hub is a standalone device that comes with earbuds, enabling users to initiate conversations straight away without additional apps or complex configuration. Users simply take out the earbuds, share, and they’re all set to start conversations.


Minitailz Smart Dog Collar

Minitailz Smart Dog Collar – The Minitailz Smart Dog Collar was recognised as a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree in the Artificial Intelligence category since it is through AI that the collar can detect your dog’s activities, such as sleeping, walking, and more.


Holoconnects' Holobox

Holoconnects’ Holobox – is an AI-powered holographic solution in a phone booth-style box to display a full-sized holographic rendering of the person you are talking to with nearly no latency, making it feel like a normal conversation.


Rabbit R1

Rabbit R1 – The AI-powered handheld device is designed to be your digital personal assistant to help people to complete tasks that normally require opening apps on a smartphone or using a traditional computer. These might include booking flights and making reservations or show your daily schedule or merely answering questions.


Volkswagen integrated ChatGPT AI

Volkswagen integrates ChatGPT into its vehicles – Customers will have seamless access to the constantly growing artificial intelligence ChatGPT database in all Volkswagen models equipped with the IDA voice assistant and have researched content read out to them while driving.


New Technologies to Watch Out for in Australia in 2024

While Australians won’t experience CES firsthand, the event serves as a valuable window into the tech trends that will soon arrive Down Under. Here are some key areas to watch out for in 2024:

  • 5G Rollout: Australia’s 5G networks are rapidly expanding, paving the way for faster internet speeds, connected devices, and innovative applications like virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • AI Everywhere: Expect to see AI integrated into more and more aspects of daily life, from smart assistants and personalised shopping experiences to intelligent transportation systems and healthcare diagnostics.
  • Sustainability Takes Center Stage: Eco-friendly technologies like smart grids, energy-efficient appliances, and electric vehicles will continue to gain traction in the Australian market.
  • The Rise of the Metaverse: The concept of a virtual world where people interact, work, and play is gaining momentum, and Australian companies are starting to explore its potential.



Remember, these are just a few highlights from the endless stream of innovation at CES 2024. The future looks bright, filled with gadgets that aim to make our lives easier, healthier, and more entertaining. Keep exploring and dreaming big!

Content Created on 25/1/2024 by
John Pititto
Managing Director
The Original PC Doctor

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