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7 Apps That Cat Owners Should Definitely Have!

7 Apps That Cat Owners Should Definitely Have!

Have you ever forgotten when your cats next vet appointment was or wondered what it would look like if your furry little friend could speak? In today’s age, there are a number of incredible apps for you to use, and a few that have specifically been developed for cat and enthusiastic pet owners to make their lives much easier. It is highly recommended that as a caring cat owner, you should take a look at the following apps.

1. Pet first aid:

pet first aid 0

This incredible app has been developed by the Red Cross and is essential for any pet parent as it helps them be prepared for any emergency. The app will help you determine which of your cats’ behaviours are normal or which ones warrant a trip to the vet. It is supposed to be used as a study tool so that you are prepared if an emergency does arise by already knowing how to react. It helps you recognize how to help your furry friend if they need you; for example, it will teach you how to recognize dehydration in your cat. It is not meant to replace a pet and has a section for you to fill in your vets’ details and can also help you locate the nearest vet in case of an emergency. It also displays the nearest pet hotels in your area if you plan to go away.

2. CatFishing:

cat fishing app

cat fishing app

Catfishing is an adorable app aimed to keep your little furry friend busy for hours. It was developed by Friskies and can be downloaded from the app store or from the play store. It consists of little fishies that swim across your tablet or iPad for your cat to paw at, and it will ‘meow’ after 30 seconds to keep your cat’s attention. It is a must-have to keep your cat entertained!

3. 11pets:

11pets Pet Care iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

11pets Pet Care iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This is an incredible app to download as it stores all of your pet’s medical history and enables you to exchange information with other pet owners and pet professionals. It will remind you to administer your pets’ medications, update their vaccines, or re-administer any de-worming medications. It will give you daily reminders, help you monitor your cat’s health and keep track of their medical records, and you can create your own calendar around your cat’s needs. It also helps you to inform your pet sitter of any information easily they’d need to know by sharing your profile with them, and they can also update your cat’s information while you are away for your ease of mind. This is a great app to download!

4. Cat Clicker Training

cat clicker app

cat clicker app

This mobile app to train your cats is a fantastic and affordable substitute for a physical training clicker. The app is incredible, as you can customize it to your liking by changing the colours of the paw of the screen. Your cat can also tap onto the screen, and it will emit the clicking sound and re-enforce their training.

5. Paint for cats

paint for cats apps

paint for cats apps

Another innovative way to keep your cat entertained for hours on end is the paint for the cat’s app! You can download it onto your iPad or your tablet. Your furry friend chases a mouse on the screen and will virtually paint by doing so, and you can then share your cats’ creations on Facebook or email it to your friends. It is a great way to spend time with your cat.

6. Jitterbug

jitter bug app

jitter bug app

Friskies has developed another amazing app to keep your little kitty entertained. It consists of 15-second rounds where your cat must try to catch as many bugs on the screen as possible. They can paw at your iPad or tablet screen for hours, and it is a great way for you to bond and interact with your furry friend.

7. My Talking Pet

my talking pet app

my talking pet app

This clever little app brings your cat’s voice to life. It will scan your cat’s face through a photo and enable you to edit those photos to make it seem as though they are talking and interacting with you. It is realistic looking. You can even record little messages and share them on Facebook or via email. It is great for personalized messages to the people you love. If you’ve ever wondered what your cat would look like if it spoke, now you would know!


In the age of technology, incredible apps have been developed to help you bond with your amazing little pets and also to help you keep track of their health. Apps like First Aid for Pets and 11Pets are absolutely essential and will make your life a lot easier as you can keep track of your pet’s needs. You can also bond with your cat by playing Cat Fishing or Jitterbug with them. Any cat owner must check out these apps, available on the App Store, or on Android.

 Written by The Original PC Doctor on 10/12/2019.













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