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Payment Redirection Scams

Unmasking Payment Redirection Scams in Australia: Protecting Your Finances


In today’s digital age, online scams have become more sophisticated, targeting individuals and businesses across the globe. Payment redirection scams have gained notoriety in Australia as a prevalent and financially devastating form of cybercrime. In this blog, we will delve into the history of payment redirection scams in Australia, shed light on the number of victims who have fallen prey to these scams, and provide crucial advice on how to protect yourself from falling victim to these malicious schemes. Additionally, we’ll discuss the role of “The Original PC Doctor” in ensuring online safety and assistance.

payment redirection scams

payment redirection scams

Payment Redirection Scams: A Brief History

Payment redirection scams, also known as business email compromise (BEC) scams, are a type of cybercrime where scammers impersonate legitimate entities, often high-ranking employees or suppliers, to deceive individuals or businesses into redirecting payments to fraudulent accounts. These scams have plagued Australia for years, costing individuals and businesses millions of dollars.

In the early days, payment redirection scams primarily targeted large corporations and government organizations, but they have since evolved to target small and medium-sized businesses and even individuals. The scammers rely on psychological manipulation, social engineering tactics, and carefully crafted emails to deceive victims into transferring money to the fraudsters’ accounts.

The Rising Toll: Victims of Payment Redirection Scams

The number of victims falling prey to payment redirection scams in Australia has been alarmingly high. While it is challenging to determine the exact number of victims due to underreporting, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) reported that in 2020, Australians lost over $128 million to scams, with payment redirection scams among the top threats.

These scams can be particularly devastating for small businesses and individuals, as they often lack the resources and cybersecurity measures to protect themselves adequately. As a result, it is essential for everyone to be informed about these scams and to take steps to avoid becoming victims.

Protecting Yourself from Payment Redirection Scams

Preventing payment redirection scams requires vigilance, caution, and good cybersecurity practices. Here are some key strategies to help protect yourself and your business:

1. Verify Requests: Always verify payment requests, especially if they come through email. Contact the requester using a trusted contact number or email address to confirm the legitimacy of the request.

2. Double-Check Email Addresses: Pay close attention to email addresses. Scammers often use email addresses that closely resemble legitimate ones but may contain subtle misspellings or domain changes.

3. Educate Your Team: If you run a business, educate your employees about the risks of payment redirection scams and establish clear protocols for verifying payment requests.

4. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication: Use multi-factor authentication (MFA) for email and financial accounts to add an extra layer of security.

5. Stay Informed: Keep yourself updated on the latest scam tactics and trends to recognize potential threats.

“The Original PC Doctor”: Your Partner in Online Safety

When it comes to online safety and cybersecurity, it’s crucial to have a reliable partner to assist you in navigating the digital landscape. “The Original PC Doctor” is a reputable service provider in Australia known for its expertise in computer repair and online safety.

If you ever encounter suspicious emails or need guidance on online safety, don’t hesitate to contact “The Original PC Doctor” at 1300 723 628. Their experienced team can provide assistance, advice, and solutions to help protect your personal and financial information from cyber threats.


Payment redirection scams have left a trail of victims and financial loss in Australia. By understanding the history of these scams, recognizing their impact, and following best practices for protection, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to them. Remember, “The Original PC Doctor” is here to assist you in your journey toward online safety and security. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and protect your finances from the grasp of these cybercriminals.


Australian Government Support Services and Reporting
The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is a part of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). It is responsible for protecting Australia from cyber threats. The ACSC provides a range of services, including:
  • Cyber security advice and information
  • Incident response and support
  • Threat intelligence and analysis
  • Exercises and training

The ACSC is a valuable resource for businesses and individuals who are looking to protect themselves from cyber threats. You can learn more about the ACSC and its services on their website: https://www.cyber.gov.au/

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