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Data Recovery Ringwood

Data Recovery Services Ringwood

The Original PC Doctor provides quality data recovery solutions for customers in Ringwood and the surrounding areas. We are established as one of the countries top leaders for recovering data from any types of data loss. You can entrust our data recovery experts to help get your precious data back.

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Data Recovery Ringwood

Expert, quality data recovery services in Ringwood

The Original PC Doctor has been delivering customised data recovery solutions for Ringwood customers since 2001. We’ve saved critical data for both commercial and private customers with our in-house proprietary tools and access one of the largest most advanced cleanrooms in Australia. The Original PC Doctor provides you with the very best chance of recovering your precious data. 

The Original PC Doctor can help anyone in Ringwood and surrounds to recover data from just about any device. If you are looking for computer repairs ringwood click this link. 

Here is a list of Data Recovery services in and around Ringwood we offer:

1.Hard Disk Drive

Hard disk drive data loss needs two different types of repair approaches depending on the method of failure that you have experienced. The first approach is what we call a “Hardware repair” this is typically required following physical damage as a consequence of being dropped or some freak natural disaster. The second approach is what we call a “Software repair” this is generally but data is lost as a result of corrupt, deleted or overwritten data.

2.Solid State Drives

Solid-state drives or abbreviated to SSD has a limited number of read and write operations and sensitive components such as capacitors, controller chips and power supplies that can fail over time. An SSD failure may also occur due to system memory chip corruption. Although recovering data from SSD is no walk in the park, The Original PC Doctor engineers have developed a myriad of successful data recovery techniques for SSDs with a variety of model drives from different vendors.

3.Business Enterprise Servers and RAIDs

Need critical Business systems back online? We have you covered! Whenever you need data retrieved from your business-grade servers or RAID cluster array, think of The Original PC Doctor. We offer four types of enterprise-grade services: In-Lab, Remote RAID data recovery, On-site recovery and Custom RAID data recovery. We have decades of experience performing highly technical yet successful RAID/Server recoveries.

4.Mobile Phones

Our trained phone data recovery engineers can recover any lost data from mobile phone devices that have suffered physical damage. We have certified Apple engineers who use original Apple data recovery tools which are of the highest industry standards.

5.Tape Services

The Original PC Doctor recovers data from all types of tape media like Cartridges, DAT, LTO, SAIT and more. The two most common types of tape failure and data loss are corruption is physical damage or software upgrades. We also provide handy related tape services such as tape cataloguing and migration. We can also securely delete tape data and provide an official certificate of erasure.

6.Software Data Recovery

We get a large number of call where the device is not physically damaged and but you need to recover accidentally corrupted databases, file system corruption, deleted files, missing folders, my documents, wedding photos, home videos and more. We can normally do a remote desktop connection to your computer within the same day and in some cases do the recovery over the internet on the spot without you having to take the equipment anywhere.

7.USB Drive and External Storage Drives 

Its all to common that we get clients calling that have dropped their external storage hard drive or bent the USB drive in the side of the laptop. We can do a quick assessment over the phone and work out if we can send a technician out or get the media delivered to our office for further assessment. We can fix all brands and types of USB drives and external drives including Seagate, Maxtor, Hitachi, Samsung, Intel, Fujitsu, Western Digital and more.


I’m looking for quality data recovery in Ringwood, can you help?

Yes, we provide a highly professional and reliable data recovery services in Ringwood. If you’re based in the Ringwood or surrounding regions and you need to recover data, please contact us on 1300 723 628.

Do you provide onsite RAID data recovery in Ringwood?

Yes, we do! We have many years’ experience in performing successful RAID data recoveries, yes we can come out and pick up your RAID device the same day you call. Our Melbourne data team can recover from all types of RAID systems, including any RAID level ie 0,1,5,6,10, controller chipset, architecture or hard drive make, model or type. 

How quickly can you recover my data?

We provide a fantastic range of different data recovery service levels for Ringwood customers ranging from 24 hours to 20 business days, depending on your requirements. Please get in touch on 1300 723 628, and one of our helpful data recovery experts can provide you with more details about how we can best solve your data recovery requirements.

How much does data recovery typically cost?

The typical cost of data recovery depends on a range of several factors. Our team will be able to identify if your data is recoverable and how much restoration will cost as well as provide a list of the files and show you what data you get back and the what cost will be – so there are no surprises.

Do you provide mobile device data recovery services in Ringwood?

Yes, we can carry out expert mobile device recovery services on any mobile gadget including phones, tablets or beloved iPod.

Can I collect my data recovery and source media from the Ringwood office?


If you are looking for support for Western Digital Data Storage please click the link. For support from Seagate Digital Storage Solutions click this link for more information.

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