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Remote Desktop Support

Remote IT Support, Remote PC & MAC Support

You might not know it, but almost every PC & Mac these days is equipped with Remote Desktop Support capabilities. It’s a clever trick, actually: Remote Desktop Support allows us to remotely access your computer so that we can diagnose and fix your PC, Server, MAC & Laptop or network right here from our state of the art Technical Support centre – wherever you are! No need to unplug your PC and haul it down to us. There’s even no need to have us come out to you. We can do it all from here, and you can even watch the whole thing on your screen. Think of it like a player-piano, only with a keyboard instead of keys.

remote desktop support

Using The Original PC Doctor Remote Desktop Support, we can help you with:

  • Software problems
  • Email Issues
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Software, Device and Hardware Configuration Issues
  • Software Upgrades and installations
  • And much, much more! Call us to find out more 1300 723 628 – Our Remote Desktop Support team is waiting for your call now!

Here’s how our Remote Desktop Support service works

Over the phone, we explain step-by-step on how to activate Remote Desktop Support so that we can gain access to your computer from our offices.

Once this is done, your remote PC Doctor can securely access your computer and conduct the same tests that would be conducted onsite. In fact, Remote Desktop Support allows us to control your computer as though we were actually there, which enables us to diagnose and cure computer problems.

You should know that it might actually be that your problem can’t be fixed with Remote Desktop Support – but if this is the case, our PC Doctor will let you know and discuss other options with you.

The whole process can be performed while you watch from the privacy of your home or office. Just sit back, sip your coffee and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy!

Your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.

All of our PC Doctors have agreed and are bound by the PC Doctors’ Oath. As such, your information and privacy is guaranteed at all times. You can be sure that you’re in good hands!

All of our services are backed by our No Fix, No Fee Guarantee and our 14 Day Work Satisfaction Guarantee – for peace of mind and no risk to you our client.

If you need remote desktop support, awesome! Download the software link below then call our office to book in with one of our remote engineers, 1300 723 628.

Please follow the link below, click on the respective operating system/device you are running to download TeamViewer:

Chrome OS
Windows APP

If you’re having trouble accessing the link call our office and they assist you.

Computer Repairs Insurance Reports

Damaged Computer(s) Insurance Report Request

Have you accidentally had your computer damaged? Do you need a insurance report for your Insurance company? We can help!

We understand how frustrating insurance companies can be to deal with, especially when trying to make a claim. That is why at the Original PC Doctor we have streamlined the process and we make it easy to get a good outcome and assist you in preparing a report for the insurance company!

What sort of damage can I claim?

Regardless of where you are located, we can assist you. Most common issues that we can help with is;

  • Power surge
  • Water damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Dropped equipment
  • Malicious damage

Chances are your home insurance policy will cover the replacement of the hardware. The Original PC Doctor can do one of the following to kick-start the process;

  • Organise a technician to come out to your home or business,
  • Drop your equipment off at our service centre, call for your closest address – 1300 723 628
  • Mail-in, if you are in a remote area. You can simply just send your equipment to us and let us take care of the rest!

What happens next?

We will gather the information to do an assessment and generate an insurance report for you! We are also able to liaise directly with your insurance company to prepare a quote for any new hardware. And if it is Data Recovery that you need, then we can supply you with leading data recovery engineers to recover your much-loved data. Feel assured that The Original PC Doctor will help with any questions or queries that you may have.

Please complete the details of your requirements below and we will get back to you as soon as we can. If the matter is urgent then please feel free to call our office on 1300 723 628.

Contact Information

Hardware Information



Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Need Expert Virus or Spyware Removal From Your Computer?

Is your computer experience strange pop-ups, or maybe you have been hyjacked with the nasty AFP virus! What ever the virus issue, rest assured we can help.

Virus Removal

Virus Removal

The team at The Original PC Doctor are highly experienced in removing the most advanced types of Virus, Popups, Spyware, Adware, Trojan, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Bootkits and Malware, Ransom-ware infections for computer systems and networks. Trusted by thousands of loyal customers who have used us for same day virus removal we can fix your server, PC, Mac or laptop today. Call 1300 723 628 for a free quick quote.

Why Choose Us For Virus Removal?

  • No Fix No Fee – If we can’t find the problem or offer you a solution there’s nothing to pay!
  • Same Day Service – We send the experts to your Home or Business
  • 14 Day Work Guarantee – If it’s not right we will fix it at our expense on the next available
  • Onsite Appointments that suit your busy lifestyle – Weekdays, After Hours and Saturday
  • We do it all – PCs, Macs, Laptops, Tablets and Servers
  • Local Service – We have local Technicians Servicing all Melbourne Suburbs
  • Fixed appointment times – Means no waiting around. We understand your time is important!
  • Fast Repairs – We carry all parts and accessories including new desktops and laptops!
  • Proven Track Record – Over 10 years in business and thousands of satisfied customers!

Symptoms of virus infection:

  • System becomes very slow and non-responsive
  • Unknown programs or applications are executed during start up
  • Email attachments with unknown extensions
  • Anti-virus program has stopped working
  • Windows cannot boot
  • Pop-ups and ads appear and you cannot stop them
  • Can’t install new anti-virus, programs or applications stop responding
  • Operating systems repeatedly restarts
  • Computer Memory errors
  • Pop up screens on the computer demanding payment

If You Are Experiencing Any of the Above Symptoms…

Your computer might be already infected by malicious software. It’s essential to keep your computer secure from security threats and viruses. Switch off the computer and disconnect it from the internet. Call 1300 723 628 and we will arrange one of our handy onsite PC doctors for home or work visit today! Your local PC Doctor will erase any threatening software found and give you the preventative advise to stop it from reappearing. Call 1300 723 628 today to speak to one of our friendly phone consultants located at our call centre here in Australia who can best advise you on your problem.

Some of Our Satisfied Virus Removal Customers

“THANK YOU. Franklin did a GREAT JOB. He was very, very helpful. After a few problems he sorted out the removal of the AFP virus from my PC. I have recommended PC Doctors to the other 48 Appts. We shall certainly be keeping your number next to the computer. Franklin was a God send. I hope you keep him with you and if the other Techs are just as good then The PC Doctor has established itself well. Kind Regards and THANK YOU.”
– Rialeen and Tony Robb
Parkville, Victoria 3052

“I could not be more satisfied with the service I have just received. Terry was fantastic, he has fixed the virus issue we had and all is now back working as expected. He was very friendly and explained all steps he was taking along the way. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending PC Doctor to any of our family and friends what so ever.”
-John Egan
Aspendale Gardens, Victoria 3195.

“Thank you so much for helping us with our computer problem, especially just before Christmas. It was really appreciated and meant that I could visit my daughter and our new granddaughter in Cairns. Terry was terrific and spoke English, not computer jargon! I would recommend your service to anyone.”
-Yvette Austin
Mount Martha, Victoria 3934.

if you need more info on what defines a virus check out the wikipedia link below;

Virus Removal Section: Virus Definition

Laptop Repairs

Laptop Repairs

Need Fast Laptop and Hardware Repairs?

PCs and laptops can come in all different shapes and sizes, from timid, but reliable business tools to crazy computing power that would rival most supercomputers only about half a decade ago.

laptop repairs

laptop repairs

Our PC Doctors work with PCs and laptops every day, and they are experts at diagnosing and fixing the most trivial of hardware and software problems.

Discover your PC or laptop’s full potential with expert hardware support from Australia’s leading PC and laptop hardware repairers.

Our PC Doctors laptop repair experts can come to your home or office at a time that is convenient to you, to fix any hardware related issues for your PC or laptop – guaranteed or you won’t pay a cent!

Why Choose Us For Laptop Repairs?

  • Quick Quotes – We offer one of the fastest turn around times for quotes
  • Fast Repairs – We have local Technicians Servicing your area available now!
  • Quality Repairs – With 25 Years Laptop/Hardware Repairs Experience
  • Work Guarantee – 3 Month Guarantee on all Laptop/Hardware Repairs
  • Courier Service Available – We can pick up, repair and deliver your equipment to your door!
  • Same Day Local Service – We can send a technician to your Home or Business today!
  • Onsite Appointments that suit your busy lifestyle – Weekdays, After Hours and Saturday
  • We do it all – PCs, Macs, Laptops, Tablets, Hard drives and Servers
  • Fixed Appointment Times – means no waiting around we understand your time is important!

*Please note we can also fix the full range of Apple Hardware and Software Issues.

Our Hardware & Laptop Repair Services

  • LCD Display Panel – We provide expert laptop cracked screen repair services, replacing your faulty screen from stock with a genuine and high-quality LCD model.
  • Dim Display – If your backlight is not working it may mean you have to replace the LCD Panel, Inverter board, LCD Cable or System board. Our technicians can correctly diagnose the problem and provide complete laptop screen repair.
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement – We replace your faulty keyboard with an original keyboard from the manufacturer. Alternatively, we can also provide laptop keyboard replacement keys for any that may be missing on your personal computer.
  • DC Jack – A loose DC Jack is a common problem for laptops. We expertly repair the jack by re-soldering or replacing the existing part.
  • Optical Drives – We have different kinds of DVD RW / DVD RAM in Stock. Changing to a new DVD RW is a simple process for most laptops.
  • Battery Replacement – If your battery is not holding charge we can find you a replacement.
  • AC Power Adapter – We will replace your faulty AC power adapter from our stock selections covering all brands.
  • Laptop water damage – There are different methods recommended for dealing with laptop water damage depending on when the damage is discovered. The most critical step is that if you suspect that some liquid has been spilled into your laptop and it is already powered off, DO NOT POWER IT ON! Contact our office immediately, and we can advise you how to get you back up and running in no time.
  • Faulty Windows or Operating Systems – If your laptop is posting the message saying “Error Loading Operating System” or you’re getting the infamous BSOD “blue screen of death” then we can help identify the problem either get the operating system running again or/and re-cover your documents and perform a clean wipe of windows operating system.
  • Laptop Cracked hinges or Panels – Laptop hinges often break because of the repetitive opening and closing of your laptop’s LCD panel. If this is done constantly and carelessly, your display hinges may crack and/or snap. Repairing your laptop’s hinges often means replacing the hinges completely. Panels can sustain quite a bit of damage, and we can also source replacement parts and fit them as well – your laptop will be looking new again!
  • Laptop data recovery – Let’s face it, laptops take a lot of abuse, and with today’s mobile technology, more and more critical data is being stored on laptops every day. Recommended by hard drive manufacturers, The Original PC Doctor has the laptop data recovery experience you need to recover data from all forms of notebook failures. Common data recovery problems we see include:
    • Mechanical Hard Drive Failures
    • Platter Damage
    • Deleted Files and Partitions
    • Disk Reformatting
    • File Overwrites
    • Fire and Flood Damage
    • Electrostatic Discharge
    • Virus Contamination
    • Blue Screen of Death
    • Knock of Death
    • Head Crash
  • Motherboard/Mainboard Repair or Replacement – The heart of every computer is the main board. It’s a common issue where the mainboard causes the computer to not work anymore and either needs repair or replacement. Here at The Original PC Doctor, we have the ability not only to source new replacement mainboards for all makes and models we also have an electrical engineer who can repair mainboards which can prove to be a much more cost effective solution than replacement.
  • PCB Repairs/ Device Troubleshooting – Not only can The Original PC Doctor repair your laptop, but we can also repair most computer electrical equipment. We have many years experience in repairing laptops and electrical devices we have the ability to troubleshoot PCBs right down to the component level and repair/replace all components we even have a machine to replace surface mount ICs. We have done repair jobs that no one else can do because we have the experience and the equipment to do it!

When you call us to repair your PC or laptop hardware, our PC Doctors come prepared! Each one carries hundreds of common spare parts and accessories where most jobs can be fixed on the spot. If we don’t have the part, we can order it in for you.

All of our services are backed by our No Fix No Fee and 14 Day Work Satisfaction Guarantee for peace of mind and quality of service. Call us now on 1300 723 628 for reliable laptop repairs.

Just in case your computer terms out to be a terminal case, we are also supporters of recycling computers. Recycling helps in the reduction of harmful landfill and toxic chemicals leaking into the ecosystem. Please contact our partner for recycling your ex-loved computer equipment;

Laptop Repair – Recycling Service – They come to you! ( like us )

Here are some of the jobs that come in to us on a daily basis:

laptop dc jack repair

laptop DC Jack repair

laptop blue screen of death

laptop blue screen of death

windows 10 blue screen of death

windows 10 blue screen of death

laptop liquid spill

laptop liquid spill

laptop with broken lcd

laptop with broken lcd

laptop keyboard replacement

laptop keyboard replacement

laptop not detecting hard drive and or operating system

laptop not detecting hard drive and or operating system

windows 7 black screen of death

windows 7 black screen of death

windows 10 start-up issues

windows 10 start-up issues

dusty and noisy laptop fan

dusty and noisy laptop fan

Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance

Fast and Reliable Server Implementation and Maintenance Solutions tailored to suit your needs!

If you run a small business that utilises a network of computers, you know how important it is to keep your systems running and in tip top shape with proactive maintenance.

You want a fast and reliable server so that your staff and customers can get on with their day-to-day activities but for that to happen you need a properly setup and maintained server.

That’s where we come in…

What Can The Original PC Doctor Server Implementation and Maintenance Solutions Do for Your Business?

The good news is you don’t need to be a computer genius to make sure that your business can have excellent server implementation and maintenance services on call.

When server issues, malfunctions and breakdowns occur, you can count on us. Our experienced PC Doctor technicians can fix small glitches or troubleshoot worst-case server malfunction scenarios effectively and efficiently so your business operation would not experience major downtime. We have also a state of the art data recovery facility, so if you experience catastrophic data storage failure, chances are we can recover all the data for you.

You Can Get More with The Original PC Doctor Server Maintenance Solutions!

The Original PC Doctor service is quite unique from other server maintenance service providers. You should choose us because;

  • You can acquire our services on the same day basis as you need them!
  • Technicians carry hundreds of spare parts and accessories so most problems get fixed on the spot
  • No Fix No Fee – if we can’t offer you a solution to your problem then there is nothing to pay.
  • 14 Day Work Guarantee -If it’s not right we will fix it at our expense on the next available appointment.
  • Fixed appointment times – Means no waiting around. We understand your time is important!
  • Onsite Appointments that suit your busy lifestyle – Weekdays, After Hours and Saturday
  • Selection of data back-up solutions available.
  • You can call us whenever you have any problem with your server, network or software.
  • You don’t get tied down with a contract.
  • We offer a total solution offering onsite repairs, remote support, hardware/laptop repairs and data recovery.
  • Proven Track Record – Over 15 years in business and thousands of satisfied customers.

Call us today on 1300 723 628 and we will make sure that your business systems run smoothly with an appropriate backup solution with disaster plan in place.

New Computers & Accessories

New Computers, Hardware & Accessories

Are you in the market for new computers, hardware & accessories? We can help!

The PC Doctor stocks a wide range of spare parts. We are skilled assessing and advising on what technicial equipment is required to fix any problem and now you can buy that equipment directly from us. We can supply, configure, install and optimised for your needs: it doesn’t get much easier than that!

If you need a part or accessory that we don’t currently stock, we can get it in for you most of the time same day or next day delivered to your door!
All of our hardware comes with a one-year standard onsite warranty, which can be extended up to 3 years.

Small Business Hardware and Software Solutions

We can supply all of your small business hardware, from computers to networking gear to servers to data backup equipment to printers, scanners and photocopiers. We can get your business up and running in no time with the best hardware and accessories.

Need something a little special?

Looking for a beast of a machine? We can build you a custom performance machine that will render stunning HD graphics, create 3D wireframes, and do anything you want it to with complete ease and total control. Whatever hardware or components you want in your new toy, we will build you a reliable and fully optimised computer to get you blasting your way through whatever task you need to achieve.

Check out what else you can buy from us:

  • Laptops, tablets and slates
  • Desktop computers (including custom built computers)
  • Internet, networking and wireless hardware
  • Printers, scanners, photocopiers and multi-function units (including inks and toners)
  • Data backup systems (including manual and fully automated, disk, tape and network storage solutions)
  • LCD monitors, DVD or Blu-Ray players, cables, connectors and heaps more parts and accessories.

For more information about our range of products, please give us a call on 1300 723 628 and we can organise a free no obligation quote for you.

See below a short list of some of our preferred hardware and accessory manufacturers;


Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Lost your data? Don’t panic: not all is lost!

data recovery

data recovery

Sometimes computers can seriously malfunction causing massive disruption to emails, critical system files, database, CRMs and user data files.

These “disasters” can often occur without warning and can result in the loss of your company or personal information and files.

In some cases, even when files are simply accidentally deleted and it may be possible to recover the files, but quick and professional action is needed. It is critical not the use or write to the device as soon as you suspect data loss.

When files are deleted or simply disappear, our PC Doctors can perform deep system scans to determine where they have gone, and more importantly to see if they can be recovered. The next question is normally “how much data can be recovered”, and fortunately for you, we are your best choice for recovering as much data as possible. We have recovered data from some of Australia’s largest institutions down to your average home users desktops. Call us for a quote 1300 723 628.

Tips to prevent further data loss

  • Stop using hard disk drive if there are clicking or grinding noises
  • Avoid auto repair utilities to fix data loss issues
  • Never restore a backup to the original system
  • Protect the original data as much as possible
  • Turn off the system but do not shut it down
  • Diagnose the problem without booting/starting the computer
  • Contact our office for free phone advice on how to best solve your data loss problem

Why Choose The Original PC Doctor for Data Recovery Services?

mac file list data recovery

mac file list data recovery

  • File List – No other companies will offer you a list of files that can be recovered before proceeding with the recovery.
  • Can recover from all content types, such as files, digital photos and e-mails.
  • Provide over 150 data recovery engineers worldwide + dedicated R&D teams. We have sufficient resources to handle large/small jobs and skillsets to cover all forms of data loss on all types of storage.
  • All of your data is held and secured on file for 30 days after recovery just in case you lose your drive.
  • We have an ISO-5/Class 100 Clean Room Facility (most other recovery companies in Australia have a class 10 which is a lower grade of performance. When a lower grade clean room facility is used your chances of recovering data are diminished.)
  • We are authorised to handle highly sensitive data adhering to US government protocols. Don’t take your security for granted and hand over your personal information to just anyone
  • We have completed the SAS 70 Type II Certification on our processes. You can rest assured that our comprehensive Information/Data Security Policy in place cover all access control, data handling and data security protocols/standards.
  • Fast Local Service – We offer Same Day Service
  • Extended Hours Appointments – Saturdays and After Hours
  • Our expert technicians can come to your home or workplace and fix the problem on the spot!
  • Fixed appointment times mean no waiting around
  • One Stop Shop – we can serve all your onsite IT Needs including onsite professional services and hardware repairs.
  • Established since 2001 with the Name You can Trust

What type of Files/Media can you recover?

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

    Here is a quick list of media and files that we can help you with. If you device is not in the list chance are we can still salvage the data for you, just call our data recovery team on 1300 723 628 for a free over the phone assessment;

  • Hard Drive Recovery includes: laptop, desktop, external drives and business drive servers
  • USB, Flash Memory Card Recovery: CD/DVD(SD/XD Cards, voice recorders)
  • iPhone and Smart Phone (this may include older generations of phones, ask your phone manufacturer if your phone can be recovered)
  • RAID Recovery
  • Tape Recovery
  • Forensic/Investigative Data Recovery
  • Floppy Disc Recovery
  • Multi-drive server/SAN/VMware Recovery
  • Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Data Recovery
  • All file formats including MYOB, QuickBooks and Outlook.

See some of the data recovery types below:

solid state drive recovery

solid state drive recovery

raid data recovery

raid data recovery

broken usb flash drive recovery

broken usb flash drive recovery

recover data from broken iphone

recover data from broken iphone

one smashed IBM laptop data recovery

one smashed IBM laptop data recovery

smashed microsoft surface needs data recovery

smashed microsoft surface needs data recovery

laptop liquid spill

laptop liquid spill

data recovery from samsung phone

data recovery from samsung phone

Therefore it is no secret for backing up all of your important files is a must for any home or business. There are many cautionary tales about businesses that have gone bust due to the loss of their digital information. While we won’t regale you with those tales right now, we know you understand the importance of having an easy-to-use and practical data backup solution ready to go or otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

There are quite a few technologies to assist with comprehensive data backup, and understanding the pros and cons of each one can often turn people off ever pursuing a viable backup solution.

We understand your confusion, that is why we can consult with you to determine the best method to suit your individual needs or business setup.

We are all about providing personalised IT support services by delivering Data Recovery solutions that work for you.

We have one of the best data recovery facilities in Australia and over 30 years’ experience in data recovery ensuring that you have the maximum chance for data recovery. We have technicians readily available who can come out and assess your disaster and provide you with a recovery action plan. We also have a range of data backup solutions for you to choose from, so whatever stage you are at we can assist you!

Call 1300 723 628 today to speak with one of our friendly phone consultants.

We have one of Australia’s most experienced data recovery centres who have partnerships with 18 recovery facilities worldwide to make sure we can give your data the best chance possible for recovery. Call us today to organise a quote for a data/disaster recovery solution for you! Our friendly staff can talk you through the process and will provide you with all the information you need to have your data recovered by our professional engineers. You can also have the choice of dropping the drive off at our office, having a technician attend to your drive onsite or to send it in via Australia Post registered next day mail.

Below here are some of our customers’ reviews that would give you some idea of the level of client experience that we deliver.

Our Satisfied Data Recovery Customers Testimonials

“I have been running a printing business for 45 years and we came in the morning, and the server had failed. I didn’t know what to do. I called the PC Doctor in the morning after being referred to them from a friend and had a technician out by lunchtime; he even called to let me know he was running a bit late. Franklin was courteous and knowledgeable even though the whole business had come to a grinding halt and we were stressing out, he carried all the parts necessary and got our server up and running that day! I was impressed with Franklin as he explained everything in terms we could understand and also set up a back-up system as our back-up system was not operational, so we had lost all of our company data. The Original PC Doctor was then able to recover all our data within a week and send the data out in the mail. If my experience is anything to go by, I would highly recommend the Original PC Doctor to anyone in need of experienced, professional computer services.”
– Lawrie Barnett (Managing Director)
Action Printing

“We have a mission critical system that monitors drug traffickers across the Torres Strait islands. We needed the computer equipment repaired, serviced and the data recovered from the hard drive. The equipment is over 15 years old so no one else could help us with a total solution. The Original PC Doctor not only had their hardware technician repair and service the old equipment but they were also able to recover the data and get one of their senior field technicians to rebuild the Windows 3.1 operating system which, as I found out, most companies will not touch! These guys are like the Swiss army knife for your IT problems they can fix anything!”
-Tony Marsden (Operations Manager)
Motorola Solutions

“I want to thank you and Lachlan for what has been a truly impressive and very positive experience with your business. As a service provider myself, I highly value businesses that are efficient, knowledgeable, reliable and great to deal with. It is not necessarily common that service providers deliver on such intentions and yet I have found your business service and particularly the skills and abilities of Lachlan to be outstanding. I will indeed recommend your services highly to anyone who needs IT assistance and would like to thank you for a really enjoyable experience. Please pass on my gratitude to Lachlan, my new PC and all of my recovered data from the old PC is working like a dream. I am a very happy camper.”
-Helen Treload (Managing Director)
Forward Momentum Coaching

forensic data recovery

call 1300 723 628 for data recovery

Broadband Internet Installations

Broadband Internet Installations

Does your Internet connection need to be set-up, upgraded or fixed?

Getting connected to the Internet can be such an exciting time but to set it up can be just quite confusing! Unfortunately for most Australians, the process of setting up an internet connection is often far from thrilling and can generally result in more issues than what it originally was set up to be.

In other cases, you may have an internet connection already but it may not run at the ideal speed you want. Or perhaps you are looking to upgrade to a smarter more efficient service for your needs. Regardless whether working with old or new computers or equipment, our technicians are more than happy to fix or assist. So instead of trying to wait hours on a phone with your internet provider and getting nowhere with your setup just give us a call and we will have a technician out that day to set it up right in front of your eyes.

The range of internet services available to you varies depending on where you are located, however, our trained technicians can best advise on what service is best for you. Whether you were wanting Broadband, ADSL, 3G/4G. ISDN, SHDSL, Fiber Optic, PSTN Dial-up, NBN or cable internet or even if you are just plain clueless on where to begin our technicians can troubleshoot, fix, support or set-up your new connection so that you can be running from the internet that day!

Our most common queries from our clients are:

  • How do I set-up my wireless network securely so that my neighbours stop using my wireless network?
  • How do I configure my internet to avoid danger to my family?
  • How do I regulate my children’s access to the Internet?
  • How do I make my internet safe to use?
  • How do I speed up my internet that I currently have?
  • How do I change internet providers without ruining my internet access?

Why Choose us:

  • No Fix No Fee – If we cannot find the problem or offer you a fix or solution then you’ll pay nothing!
  • Same Day Service – We send the experts to your Home or Business.
  • 14 Day Work Guarantee – If the fault re-emerges we will send the same technician out free of charge to fix the issue.
  • Onsite Appointments that suit your busy lifestyle – Weekdays, After Hours and Saturdays.
  • We do it all – PCs, Macs, Laptops, Tablets and Servers.
  • Local Service – We have local Technicians Servicing all Melbourne Suburbs.
  • Fixed appointment times – Means no waiting around. We understand your time is important!
  • Fast Repairs – We carry all parts and accessories including new desktops, laptops and brand new software.
  • Proven Track Record – Over 10 years in business and thousands of satisfied customers!

Get your Internet sorted quickly and professionally today, call us to have a chat how we can help 1300 723 628.

Apple MAC Repairs & Service

Apple Mac Repairs and Service

Are you a die-hard Apple MAC owner? We know you love your MAC and we can help with all your Apple MAC repairs and service needs.

Apple MAC owners consider themselves a special breed of computer users; however, when the trusty MAC breaks down, it is not easy to find a reliable service person to get it repaired. We also understand that most MAC owners develop a close bond to the equipment and want to ensure that their MAC is well cared for, and fortunately for you, you’re in the right place.

Many of our local PC Doctors know Apples and MACs inside out, and they can come to your home or business to cure any problems that you might be having with your equipment.

Typical Apple/Mac Problems

  • Operating System Not booting and picture of file showing on the screen.
  • Data Recovery from hard drive or MAC.
  • Spinning Beach-ball/Cursor.
  • CD/DVD stuck in drive or won’t read disks.
  • Hard drive is at full capacity and needing a larger drive upgrade and/or Solid State Hard “SSD” performance upgraded drive.
  • MAC running slow needing Memory Upgrade.
  • Forgotten Passwords.
  • Damaged Screen.
  • Damaged Trackpad and/or Keyboard.
  • Broken Power Button.
  • Failed Sync between you MAC and iPhone.
  • Liquid Spill/Water Damage.

Whatever Apple product you own, we can fix it – guaranteed or you won’t pay a cent! We fix all the Apple products listed below, if you want more information or a free quick quote call us on 1300 723 628;

The Range of Apple/Mac Device that we can service and repair

Unknown to most we can repair ALL hardware on current and end of life mac products, guaranteed or you won’t pay a cent! We can fix all the Apple products listed below if yours is not listed chance are we can still fix it call us, and we can give you a free assessment over the phone and issue you with a free quick quote to repair your trusty Apple device.

Here is the short list of Apple device that we offer Apple MAC Repairs & Services on;

  • MacPro
  • Powerbook G4
  • Power Mac G5
  • eMac
  • iBook
  • Apple II
  • Apple III
  • Macintosh
  • Mac Mini
  • iMac
  • Macbook
  • Macbook Pro
  • Macbook Air
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • Apple TV

Networking your Apple

Our PC Doctors can come to you to get your Apple talking to the other technology around your home or office. We can set up a network between your Apple devices, your PC, your TV and even your fridge (if it’s a fancy one).

Upgrading your Apple software

Even Apples can get sick from time-to-time, and when they do, they are difficult to repair without the right training and technical knowledge. Our PC Doctors can repair, upgrade and update your device’s software to bring it back to full health again.

Repairing your Apple hardware

The most standard hardware repair required for your Apple is usually going to be a hard-disk failure of some sort. That’s the bad news. The good news is: if you’re experiencing any hardware problems, our PC Doctors have the right tools, spare parts and knowledge to get you up and running again – so you can go back to being an awesome MAC owner… right? Some of the common MAC Hardware Repairs that we do;

  • CD/DVD-Rom Repairs/replacements and also removing credit cards and other objects out of CD/DVD-Roms
  • Cracked LCD/LED Screen Replacements
  • Logic/Motherboard Repairs and Replacement
  • Wifi Board Repairs and Replacement
  • Battery Troubleshooting/Replacement
  • Power Button Repairs and Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacements
  • Graphics Chip Repair, Replacmenet and Re-ball
  • Hard Drive Replacements and Upgrades to High Performance Solid State Drives

Apple Australia – Home Page Link

For the best and most comprehensive at home or office MAC, Apple,  repairs and support services in Australia, call The Original PC Doctor on 1300 723 628.

See some of the jobs that have come in for service with our technicians below.

mac spinning beach ball of death

Mac spinning beach ball of death

iMac with corruputed storage drive or operating system

Macbook Air ran over by a busy mum

MacBook Air with broken LCD panel

MacBook with Faulty Battery

MacBook with Faulty Battery

All of our services are backed by our No Fix No Fee™ and our 14 Day Work Satisfaction Guarantee™. Meaning if we can not fix your problem you don’t pay a cent. Also if we do fix it, we guarantee it will be the trouble-free otherwise we will fix it again at our expense within 14 days of the repair. Call our local Australian call centre to find out more about our awesome team of MAC techs 1300 723 628 – Apple MAC Repairs & Service.

Customer Reviews:

"I was really happy with Scott today and will call him out again in the future. I found his service remarkable! He was very kind, quick and professional. My laptop is now fully functioning and the computer is so much quicker than it has ever been before! I also found the price was very reasonable from other companies that charge through the roof. I was shortly followed up after my service on the phone to see if everything went smoothly (which it did!) by Charmagne who was lovely and professional. I found the overall experience of my computer?s service of a very high standard and will not hesitate to call again when I have another issue. "
- Karen M. Ringwood VIC 3134

"I was recommended to use The Original PC Doctor by my local computer repair man. You know there good if even the competition refers you to them."
- Geoff C. Templestowe VIC 3106

"Had just connected to Bigpond and I had noticed that in the first day of being connected I had gone past my download limit of 200MB? I wasnt sure what to do I couldnt go to a retail store because they dont work out on site. At first I wasnt sure that I could afford a technical specialist but in the end he paid for himself by saving me money on my phone bill, internet and cable TV as well as setting up internet security, wireless network and the second PC on the internet. The Original PC Doctor advised me of what was the cause of the large download and then fixed it. The Original PC Doctor worked out approximately how much download capacity the family would need in 1 month and recommended a different plan to the one that I was on. I was more than satisfied with the service and the fact that they come to you with the products that you need I think is absolutely fabulous because it saves time and money!"
- Faye H. Wantirna South VIC 3152

"Im happy with service. The Original PC Doctor goes above and beyond with the service making sure its fixed to how I use the computer."
- Julie C. Park Orchards VIC 3114

"Very good customer skills and very good at explaining all the information I needed. All round very happy with the service and I would use Tavis again for any computer problems I may have in the future."
- Melina T. Point Cook VIC 3030

"The Original PC Doctor responded to my call quickly where efficient and completed the job to my satisfaction."
- Barry K. Lilydale VIC 3140

"We had a very good experience with Steve and found him to be very honest. He has given us a number of options to think about and we will most likely go with buying a new computer and getting Steve back to help us transfer the data."
- Kate O. Cheltenham VIC 3192

"Thank you again for providing great service today. Eugene fixed the problem straight away, he could not have been more helpful."
- Karen M. Donvale VIC 3111

File & Data Security

File & Data Security

How safe is your network? What would happen if you lost all your data and files on your computer? Online threats are more prevalent than ever.

As you may already know, having the internet provides many good possibilities and knowledge where you can search for just about anything. But with the good also comes the bad and without having the right protection on your computer, your files and network can be exposed to some very undesirables.
These days a simple website can show thousands of different ads and catch-phrase lines that before you know it you have landed yourself with a lovely virus or worse a hacker has access to your banking information or passwords. It is very common for parents to call as they are concerned about their child’s activity over the net. Our technicians are more than experienced to block certain sites (and advertisements) or to clock a certain period of time that your child is allowed to access the Internet so they can finish their homework! Better still, many businesses call to have pages blocked to keep their workers from getting distracted through the day like blocking Facebook! As these are some of our extreme common scenarios, it is also common for our clients to want to make sure that their Internet they are using daily is safe and protected. Luckily for you, we can provide you with the best Internet security and firewall solutions and also advise you of any situations that may arise in your future.

“How can your technicians help me with online security?”

A common question that many computer users will ask and is more relevant today than ever. Some of the other common areas that our technicians can assist you in is;

  • Keeping your data completely secure
  • Minimise the threat of identity theft
  • Reduce the risk of becoming a victim of internet banking scams and other threats
  • Safeguard your PC from viruses, spyware and other threats
  • Keeping your internet/network running at optimal performance
  • Keeping important documents and information out of reach from hackers
  • Help you recover from a threat or disaster
  • Restore lost data or a compromised security event.
  • Keeping your children’s internet activity safe and limited
  • Block employees from using certain websites or help you to keep track of your employee’s usage

Why choose The Original PC Doctor?

Apart from being all round, our exceptional team at Original PC Doctor is lovely and great to deal with. Below here are some common reasons why people adore our service and have kept coming back since 2001;

  • No Fix No Fee – If we cannot find the problem or offer you a then you’ll pay nothing!
  • Same Day Service – We send the experts to your Home or Business.
  • 14 Day Work Guarantee – If the fault re-emerges we will send the same technician out free of charge to fix the issue.
  • Onsite Appointments that suit your busy lifestyle – Weekdays, After Hours and Saturdays.
  • We do it all – PCs, Macs, Laptops, Tablets and Servers.
  • Local Service – We have local Technicians Servicing all Australian Suburbs.
  • Fixed appointment times – Means no waiting around. We understand your time is important!
  • Fast Repairs – We carry all parts and accessories including new desktops, laptops and brand new software.
  • Proven Track Record – Over 15 years in business and thousands of satisfied customers!

Don’t fall victim to online threats by not being Internet and network secured, get protected today before its too late. Call us at our local Australian call centre for a free assessment of your situation and see if we can help you – 1300 723 628.

Home & Office Computer Repairs

Home & Office Computer Repair Services

Having issues with your home or office computers? We can get your computer up and running smoothly again with the Original PC Doctor’s trusted computer repair and support services.

Is your PC running too slow or crashing? Does it take forever to load your browser, word documents or games? Or worse yet, has the dreaded blue screen of death appeared?

We know how frustrating it is to have your computer break down on you. The home average home or work PC has so many vital documents, photo and music collections – our whole digital life is stored on these machines! We also use PC for everyday services such as internet banking, online shopping and more its become a necessity in modern day living. This is why we have developed a world-class technician dispatch and client management system so we can not only, respond more quickly than most other companies, but also offer quality follow up support and services once we have serviced you.

We understand your time is important and value your time, so we respond to your calls instantly and waste no time in repairing your computer after a quick yet thorough diagnosis of the problem.

How does your service work?

Whether it’s a simple virus or an intermittent hardware problem, our technicians have the appropriate skills and experience to address a wide range of computer issues such as:

  • Computer malfunctions and breakdowns
  • Blue and black screens
  • Corrupted hard drives
  • Software and hardware upgrades
  • Spyware, Trojan and other virus attacks
  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Hackers stealing your files or data
  • Internet/Email connection troubleshooting

What can I expect from your Service?

First of all, we deliver on fixing the issue that your PC or Mac is having. Our friendly and professional PC Doctors have decades of combined experience and are sure to fix or diagnose exactly what’s wrong with your PC, MAC or you don’t pay a cent, guaranteed!

But we won’t just fix your problem, we will show you how to prevent it from happening again even if you’re not a computer geek or expert. We’ll explain it to you simply in terms to ensure you understand.

So you can just sit back and relax while we fix your computer onsite or via our remote desktop support services. While we are fixing your machine onsite or remotely you can;

  • Watch as your PC is being fixed
  • Ask about things you don’t understand
  • Learn how to get the most out of your computer
  • Know how to take better care of it
  • Or just discuss the last Sunday’s game if you want to!

So if you are looking for affordable and reliable computer repair services provided by professionals who are caring, contact us at the Original PC Doctor today 1300 723 628. If we can’t fix your issue there is no charge and will try and assist you in any way that we can.

Networking & Internet Security

Computer Network and Internet Security

Having issues with your computer networking and/or internet security? Home or office, we have the right internet security and networking solutions to suit you!

Most people don’t know, but before there was the Internet, there was basic networking. The first network was used to send simple messages and small bites of information between computers. Now, the networks that we take for granted are exchanging vast amounts information that is integral to ensuring the smooth operation of millions of businesses around the world.

A network is simply a word to describe two or more computers communicating and sharing information with each other. A network connection describes how those computers are communicating with each other. Most commonly computers communicate through a wired or a wireless connection.

There are many considerations to take into account when setting up your network for the first time. Firstly, the type of connection is essential to ensuring you are getting the most out of your setup. And secondly, the technology that is used to support the network connection is integral to ensuring the stability and reliability of your network.

The Original PC Doctor technicians have the right training and experience to handle all networking issues, no matter how big or small. We can consult with your business to set up a local, national or global network, or we can come to your home to get your computer talking to your TV and your TV talking to your fridge – if it’s one of those fancy ones!

We understand it’s all very complicated for you, but it’s all very simple for us! That’s why you’re in great hands when you choose The Original PC Doctor to provide you with the best network support services in Melbourne.

Most Common Network & Internet Issues that we fix;

Here’s a list of most common problems that we encounter, if your problem does not appear here then don’t worry we can still help you – call us for a free no obligation quote on 1300 723 628;

  • New Office Network installations
  • Network Password Reset
  • Internet/Cable/Broadband/Dial-up/ADSL/3G/4G Connection Troubleshooting
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Setup & Troubleshooting
  • Email Troubleshooting POP/SMTP/IMAP
  • Wireless (WiFi) Networking Troubleshooting
  • Apple Airport/Airport Extreme troubleshooting and setup
  • Ethernet Card Troubleshooting/Replacement
  • Network Printer Setup /Troubleshooting
  • Network Storage Device Setup/Maintenance
  • TCP/IP Protocol Conflict and Configuration Issues
  • DHCP and DNS Troubleshooting
  • Slow internet or network bandwidth performance troubleshooting
  • Port Forwarding/Firewall Configuration
  • Internet/Wireless WEP/WPA/WPA2 Security setup and troubleshooting
  • Voice Over IP VOIP Setup and Troubleshooting

Why Should I choose The Original PC Doctor Home & Business Internet/Network Support Services?

The Original PC Doctor provides same day onsite or remote support for your home or business network. We understand that staying online is extremely important, that’s why our PC Doctors can come to your home or office fix even the most difficult networking problems.

From network installations to software and hardware upgrades and repairs, we are always ready to cure any networking related problems – guaranteed! Our PC Doctors are hand-selected and each one has been highly trained in all things IT, including:

Want a Quick Quote?

If you are experiencing any problems with your technology please enter your details below and one of our helpful helpdesk staff will contact you back in 30 minutes or less.

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