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Elevate Your Business Communication with 3CX and The Original PC Doctor

Upgrade your business with 3CX’s advanced phone system through The Original PC Doctor


In the digital era, effective communication is the backbone of any successful business. That’s where 3CX and The PC Doctor come in. 3CX is an advanced business phone system that offers a plethora of features to revolutionize the way businesses connect, both internally and with their clients. Coupled with The PC Doctor’s expert support, integrating 3CX into your business is seamless, ensuring you maximize its potential without any hassle.

Why Choose 3CX for Your Business? Key Features of 3CX:

  • Unlimited Extensions: Scale your communication needs without limits. 3CX provides unlimited extensions, accommodating your growing business needs effortlessly.
  • Free Mobile App: Stay connected on the go. The 3CX mobile app enables you to make and receive calls, send texts, and access voicemail, all from your mobile device.
  • Cloud-Based Efficiency: With 3CX’s cloud-based system, forget about the complexities of hardware or software installation. Enjoy a sleek, maintenance-free communication system.
  • User-Friendly: 3CX is designed with all users in mind, ensuring an intuitive experience for both tech-savvy individuals and those less familiar with technological intricacies.
  • Cost-Effective: 3CX provides an affordable communication solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, making it a smart choice for businesses of all sizes.

Enhanced Communication Features:

  • Call Queues and Forwarding: Efficiently manage incoming calls, ensuring they’re routed to the right agents or departments, and forward calls when necessary to never miss an important conversation.
  • Call Recording: Enhance training and quality assurance by recording calls, allowing for playback and review.
  • Voicemail and Conference Calling: Leave no message unheard with streamlined voicemail features and bring teams together with easy-to-use conference calling.
  • Video Conferencing: Facilitate face-to-face interactions remotely with 3CX’s robust video conferencing capabilities.

The PC Doctor’s Support for 3CX:

At The PC Doctor, we understand the importance of a reliable, efficient communication system. That’s why we’re proud to offer full support for 3CX Phone Systems. Our team of experts is here to help you integrate 3CX seamlessly into your business operations, ensuring you leverage all its powerful features to the fullest. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, The PC Doctor provides comprehensive support, allowing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Why Choose The PC Doctor for Your 3CX System?

  • Expert Installation and Setup: Our professionals ensure your 3CX system is up and running smoothly, tailored to your specific business needs.
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance: We provide continuous support and maintenance, ensuring your system operates at peak efficiency at all times.
  • Custom Solutions: The PC Doctor works with you to customize your 3CX system, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business communication needs.

3CX, with the support of The PC Doctor, offers a powerful, versatile business phone system designed to elevate your communication capabilities. If you’re seeking a superior phone system backed by unparalleled support, look no further than 3CX and The PC Doctor. Contact us today to transform your business communication.

Discover more about 3CX and how it can transform your business communication by visiting the official 3CX website.

Contact us today to transform your business communication at 1300-723-628.


  • What are the minimum requirements for 3CX?
    The minimum requirements for hosting 3CX vary based on the size of the deployment, the platform it’s installed on, and whether it’s hosted on-premises, in a private cloud, or in a public cloud. Here’s a concise overview based on information from 3CX’s official documentation and Lightwire Business: General Requirements for 3CX: CPU and Memory: The…Read More
  • Why would I get 3CX? How do I know i need it?
    Choosing 3CX for your business communication needs could significantly benefit your company in various ways. Here are some key reasons and considerations to help you determine if 3CX is the right choice for your business: Flexibility and Device Compatibility: 3CX operates on Windows, offering flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of devices, including Android…Read More
  • What platforms does 3CX support for hosting the PBX and also softphones and my Apple Watch?
    ChatGPT ChatGPT 3CX supports a variety of platforms for hosting the PBX system, as well as for running its softphones on different devices, including compatibility with Apple devices like the iPhone, which would relate to the Apple Watch support. Here’s an overview: Hosting Platforms for 3CX PBX: Windows and Linux: 3CX can be installed on…Read More
  • What other business platforms can 3CX integrate into?
    3CX integrates with a variety of CRM, ERP, or accounting systems, enhancing customer service and unifying customer information on a single platform. Key integrations developed and maintained by 3CX include Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Freshdesk, Zoho, and more. For CRMs not directly listed, 3CX provides API support for custom integration, allowing for flexibility and customization…Read More
  • How does 3CX compare to other ePBX products out there?
    When comparing 3CX to other ePBX products, several key aspects and features come into play, including call management, video conferencing capabilities, CRM integrations, and overall ease of use and flexibility. 3CX stands out for its comprehensive suite of features such as video conferencing without the need for additional apps, CRM integrations with major platforms like…Read More
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