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2021 and the World’s Biggest Tech Convention – All You Need to Know

2021 and the World’s Biggest Tech Convention – All You Need to Know

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has been the birthplace of numerous new innovative technologies and cutting-edge products such as virtual reality and video cassette recorder, etcetera. A wide range of industry giants and technology companies utilise this convention to display their upcoming products and future ideas. Because of the COVID-19, the CES convention 2021, for the very first time, took place virtually (online).

CES 2021

The CTA (Consumer Technology Association) CEO and President, Gary Shapiro, said that the global pandemic had forced us to go one step back. He further added that the COVID-19 has completely transformed the way the CES convention traditionally brings together the tech community.

Undoubtedly CES convention was very different this year than usual, but the very foundation of the convention that promotes collaboration, connection, and innovation remained consistent and strong.


Highlights of the CES 2021!

This year one of the most important and hot topics of the CES convention was 5G. Many companies brought new and mind-boggling ideas and products, and some of the most important ones are mentioned below.

Verizon and Energy Efficiency

Hans Vestberg, who is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Chairman of Verizon (Telecommunication Giant), addressed the convention with 5G as the opening note. The chairman mentioned how the 5G Ultra-Wideband Network of Verizon had increased the quality of the company’s services. He also discussed how it’s setting new standards for reliability, stability, and energy efficiency.

General Motors and it’s Flying Taxi Concept

Cadiliac Flying Taxi

GM (General Motors) also addressed the convention about the significance of 5G and announced its brand new flying taxi concept.

Bosch is Going Carbon Neutral

Bosch pointed out its commitment and devotion to sustainability. The officials mentioned that the company aims to become the very first international enterprise to fully minimise its carbon footprint. Moreover, the officials also announced that they have already started working on this project by focusing on climate-friendly, intelligent, and state of the art solutions for mobility, industry, and health.

LG and its Latest Rollable Smartphone

LG rollable smartphone

LG came up with a teaser of its latest rollable smartphone that is planned to be launched later this year (2021). The phone is capable of extending that offers the users a tablet-like display experience.

Samsung and its Intelligent Robot

Any tech convention around the world seems incomplete without discussing Samsung and its innovations. The company came prepared to the CES convention and displayed its latest robot that can clean the houses. The clever robot is also capable of pouring a wine glass for the user.


Other Companies

These are some of the industry giants that lead the convention. Additionally, many ASX-listed companies came up with many innovative and impactful ideas and products.

Virtual Realities from Vection Technologies

Mindesk Interface

Vection Technologies (VR1), which is a real-time software company, officially launched its XR (Augmented and Mixed Reality) program called Mindesk Interface at the conference. This program will allow the designers and engineers to use their current 2D monitors to expand into the surrounding area in XR.

The company claims that this project will allow the users to place their model’s virtual hologram right next to their computers. It’ll also allow them to interact with the model by using an XR controller or through computer peripherals (Keyboard and Mouse). Moreover, jumping from monitor to hologram is also possible to analyze the model deeply.

NUH (Nuheara), which offers smart earbuds to enhance the hearing experience, came up with its new Elite Wireless Earbuds. It’s the very first product by the company, which is manufactured by collaborating with HP (Hewlett Packard). The company said that this product would be available to the public in April 2021.

NUH (Nuheara) claimed that these are the world’s most advanced earbuds that are capable of offering the following features:

  • Sound Situation Presets
  • Adjustable Noise Cancellation
  • Personalised Audio Tuning

SPA (SPACETALK) and its Smartphone GPS Watch

SPA (SPACETALK) is a company that offers family-focused technologies showcased its watch along with the app. The GPS watch offers an all-in-one smartphone experience, and it’s specifically designed for kids. This product is currently hitting the US market only, but the officials from SPACETALK mentioned that the CES convention would allow the company to have global partners.


The TMT Prediction Report

According to the Deloitte TMT Prediction Report, which has recently been released, you should expect the following this year.

Cloud Computing and Storage will Become a Standard

The report suggests that cloud computing and storage will become an international standard. For the evidence, the report says that the cloud internet traffic has doubled since 2019 due to COVID-19.

Virtual Medical Visits

The report claims that thanks to COVID-19, virtual medical visits will continue to increase up to five percent this year (2021).

5G and Health Risks

It is also mentioned in the report that about 13-36 percent of people from 14 different countries still strongly believe that 5G brings serious health risks. But the fact of the matter is that 5G consumes less power than 4G.

XR Headsets Revenue will Increase

According to the report, the XR Headsets educational and enterprise revenue will increase.

TV Industry will Revolutionise

Last but not least, the report suggests that our TVs will get better and even bigger. The sales figure of the TV’s with the capability to play 8K video will reach one million.



Written by The Original PC Doctor on 13/2/2021.

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